Coffee Tourin in Colombia

If you know me well, you know that coffee is one of my favorite things in the world. You may know that quite a few years ago, I worked at Starbucks, and I became a certified coffee master (yeah, that’s a thing). You may know that I travel with a french press. So, when I got to Colombia, I knew there was one thing that I had to do. I absolutely needed to go visit a coffee plantation. I NEEDED it. So, we went. Juan Carlos, our guide, picked us up in this sweet ride from our hostel to take us to the plantation.


We headed up into the mountains and got to work.



Just call me “Coffee Farmer Amanda.”


My brother helped out too. I think I was pretty good at this, and am now considering a career as a coffee farmer. This is the kind of office I could work in.



I learned (in Spanish) that the red berries are the ripe ones.


Well, I would have learned that if I didn’t already know it. 🙂

The next step was popping the seeds out and roasting them. We took our pickings to the lab and got to work. We roasted up some beans that had already been dehydrated. I posted the whole thing on Snapchat – follow me there to see more of my travel adventures.



Juan Carlos let us grab a spoonful of beans every so often to see the varying toasts and smell the beans. Mmmmm. They smelt like a combination of popcorn and heaven.


After toasting them, we had to let them cool for a bit. Then it was grinding time, followed by my favorite part, coffee drinking time.


That was the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had in my life. We made it in a cone filter, followed by a percolator to taste the differences. A percolator makes it more like espresso, where the cone filter will make it a bit lighter, like your regular cuppa joe. After drinking lots of coffee, we walked through the plantation a bit.



It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve been so far. Not bad, Colombia.

I would highly recommend a coffee tour if you go to Colombia. The tour I went on was with a company called Finca El Placer. The tour cost $10 USD a person, which was amazing. It took about 3 hours and was completely incredible. I can’t recommend it enough.

So… have I convinced you to go to Colombia yet?!

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