After living in Sydney, Australia for over two months and doing my fair share of eating out, I’ve come up with the best vegan restaurants in Sydney. I have been vegan for over two years now, and I love eating out at restaurants that make incredible vegan food. Sydney is full of innovative and modern vegan restaurants, which makes it a great spot to travel to if you’re a vegan foodie like me! These are the best vegan restaurants in Sydney.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Sydney

Best Vegan Restaurants in Sydney

There is such a variety of vegan restaurants in Sydney – seriously, something for any mood you’re in.

Gigi’s Italian Pizza

Craving authentic, Italian style pizza? Head to Gigi’s. This is the best pizza I’ve eaten outside of Italy (it may even be the best pizza I’ve ever had – including the pizzas from Italy!). Gigi’s pizzeria started off as an authentic Italian pizzeria in Sydney, but when the owner turned vegan back in 2015, he turned the whole restaurant plant-based as well. This means you’ll be stepping into vegan heaven at Gigi’s. EVERYTHING IS VEGAN. Beer, wine, cocktails, appetizers, desserts; all vegan. Gigi’s has a cult following, so if you’re in the market for pizza, plan to wait in line for a table. It’s worth the wait, though. I’d recommend ordering up a glass of wine, the pizza of your choice, and saving room for the vegan tiramisu to cap it all off.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Sydney

Funky Pies

Feeling like an Aussie pie, but don’t want meat or dairy? Get your butt over to Funky Pies. Based in Bondi, Funky Pies is a tiny, casual, hippy restaurant. You’ll get a glimpse of the pies in the warming oven before you order. Head over for an early lunch, because the pies sell out fast. This little eatery also sells kombucha, vegan frozen treats, pastries and coffees. The best part is that you can buy frozen pies to take home with you.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Sydney

Speedo’s Cafe

Wanting something healthy with a view of the famous Bondi Beach? Head  to Speedo’s Cafe. Speedo’s is well known in the vegan community for their veggie burgers, but they also serve up some wicked acai bowls, smoothies, and salads if you’re in the mood for something lighter. Head here if you’re keen to spend the day sunbathing at Bondi beach – it’s right past the parking lot. Speedo’s is a great spot to refuel after the Coogee to Bondi hike.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Sydney

Soul Burger

Are you a faux-meat loving vegan? Head to Soul Burger for a scarily realistic rendition of the classic American burger, veganized! This little eatery serves up fries, shakes, and a variety of juicy burgers, all 100% vegan and all 100% delicious. It’s not hard to see what makes it one of the best vegan restaurants in Sydney.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Sydney

Brooklyn Hide

Looking for a chilled out spot for brekky and a hot soy cappuccino? Head to Brooklyn Hide in the hip suburb of Surry Hills for an authentic New York style bagel. Though it’s not fully vegan, Brooklyn Hide has vegan options on the menu, and it’s a great spot for a carb-filled breakfast to kick off your weekend!

Best Vegan Restaurants in SydneyBest Vegan Restaurants in Sydney

Want more? Stay tuned, as I’ll be moving back to Sydney in September 2018. Until then, check out the best hikes around Sydney.

Do you have recommendations? What are your favorite vegan restaurants? Let me know in the comments!




Soul Burger: Sydney’s Best Vegan Burger

Soul Burger in Sydney has blown my mind.

If you’re anything like me, you get a serious craving for a solid vegan burger every couple of months. I consider myself somewhat of a veggie burger connoisseur. However, it’s not often that I come across a faux-meat burger that tastes seriously like beef. Soul Burger Plant Based Burgers Sydney Randwick Interior

Soul Burger: Sydney’s Best Vegan Burger

I was told by numerous people that if I was going to Sydney, I needed to try Soul Burger. I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than an epic vegan burger. But, I was super excited to see upon arrival that not only do they serve a wide range of vegan burgers, they also had vegan milkshakes and a massive assortment of fries. Consider this American in vegan heaven!

Soul Burger Randwick Sydney

Soul Burger: What To Order

Soul Burger Sydney Menu

I ordered a “Straya, Mate” and my Australian friend ordered the American Badass. We thought that was pretty cute, considering that one of us was American and one of us was Aussie. Soul Burger Randwick Sydney Straya Mate BurgerSoul Burger Randwick Sydney American Burger

I was very pleasantly surprised when the burgers came out – they were massive. We had also ordered a vanilla coconut milkshake and fries to share. Soul Burger Randwick Sydney Vegan Burger Feast

The burgers tasted (and looked) so much like beef – if there weren’t signs showing that it was plant based everywhere, I’d have thought they accidentally gave me a meat burger! The burgers even had the consistency and chewiness of beef. Trippy!

We did our best, but in the end we couldn’t finish this epic feast. The burgers were so filling! I’d recommend going super hungry.Soul Burger Randwick Sydney Amanda Round the Globe

If you’re planning a trip to Sydney (or dreaming about it), check out my other favorite vegan restaurants in Sydney, the best beaches in Sydney, and my favorite hikes in Sydney!

Check out Soul Burger’s website for more info.


Funky Pies: Vegan Pies in Sydney

After being in Australia for eight months and never trying a classic Australian meat pie, I was so excited to find a vegan version of this Aussie dish. I never thought I would find vegan pies in Australia. Even better, Funky Pies is located right up the street from Bondi beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sydney.

Funky Pies: Vegan Pies in Sydney

Funky Pies Vegan Sydney

When I arrived at Funky Pies, I could not believe the vegan selection they had. The whole place is vegan, and they offer a wide variety of pies, but also vegan desserts like candy bars, ice cream, loads of healthy drinks (kombucha, I’m looking at you), and you can even get frozen pies to take home! Walking in to Funky Pies is like walking into an Australian vegan heaven. The assortment of pies is incredible.

Funky Pies Vegan Sydney Funky Pies Vegan Sydney Though there are loads of choices, we picked right away. I went for the Funky Chunky, and my friend went for the Tuscan Mushroom. We chose one of each side (the options are mash, peas and gravy or salad) and split the lot.Funky Pies Vegan Sydney Funky Pies Vegan Sydney Funky Pies Vegan Sydney Funky Pies Vegan Sydney

My favorite was the funky chunky. The tuscan mushroom was amazing as well, but I could seriously eat 5 of those funky chunky pies! My friend couldn’t choose a favorite – they were both too good! All in all, this was one seriously satisfying meal. Funky Pies Vegan Sydney

We left the restaurant full, happy, and ready for some more Bondi beach walking.

Check out Funky Pies website, or visit the shop at 144 Glenayr Avenue, Bondi.




I arrived in Vietnam having no idea what to expect as a vegan. I’ve heard omnivores rave about the amazing food in Vietnam. Luckily, upon doing a simple google search, I found loads of vegetarian and vegan restaurants to try out. This is the best vegan food in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Best Vegan Food Hanoi : Vegan Restaurants

Best Vegan Food in Hanoi

In Hanoi, you’ll find vegan food of all price ranges – I ate at a vegan street food vendor for $1.14 (or 35,000 Vietnamese Dong), and I ate at a super high end fancy vegan restaurant for $14 USD (or 335,000 Vietnamese Dong). These are my favorite places to eat the best vegan food in Hanoi.

Uu Dam Chay

Best Vegan Food Hanoi : Vegan Restaurants

This is by far the best meal I’ve eaten in Hanoi, and one of the top 3 meals I’ve eaten in my life. It’s that good. This is one of the more expensive meals you’ll eat in Vietnam, but it is completely 10000% worth it. I was hesitant about eating here at first, as I try to be budget-friendly, but after reading the reviews, I knew I couldn’t pass it up.

Best Vegan Food Hanoi : Vegan Restaurants

I ordered a kiwi mojito to drink (I don’t know if they put alcohol in it, but I asked for it non-alcoholic), a seaweed salad to start, and a tofu stuffed tomato for the main. The portions were perfect to fill me up. The flavor was absolutely perfect. I can’t even describe in words how amazing this food was.

Best Vegan Food Hanoi : Vegan Restaurants

Best Vegan Food Hanoi : Vegan Restaurants

The best part about this whole experience was that I left feeling completely satisfied, not overly full or gross feeling. (Sometimes when eating abroad I feel a bit bloated from too much oil or processed food). I loved this place so much, I would come back to Vietnam just to eat here again.

Jalus Vegan Restaurant

When you google search Best Vegan Food in Hanoi, Jalus is one of the first to pop up. It’s well-known, and for good reason. Jalus offers a menu full of fresh, tasty vegan food.

Best Vegan Food Hanoi : Vegan Restaurants

I ordered a spicy potato curry and a kombucha. The curry was so good, I devoured it super quickly. The kombucha was served at room temperature, which I wasn’t used to. I had a hard time drinking it, being used to really cold kombuchas. The service was amazing here and the food was tasty and wholesome.

Best Vegan Food Hanoi : Vegan Restaurants

Best Vegan Food Hanoi : Vegan Restaurants

I came back later in the week to try the lentil stew (highly recommend) and the sweet potato and chickpea burger (pictured). The burger was suuuuper filling, which was perfect as I was about to embark on a 15 hour train ride. I’d definitely recommend Jalus.

Hanoi Social Club

Though not a vegan restaurant, Hanoi Social club has lots of vegan options. This restaurant is stationed in a remodeled 100 year old villa. The decor is absolutely enchanting. They are open early for breakfast, which is the meal I came for every time I stopped in.

Best Vegan Food Hanoi : Vegan Restaurants

Best Vegan Food Hanoi : Vegan Restaurants

Best Vegan Food Hanoi : Vegan Restaurants

My favorite dish here is the black rice and chia pudding. If you’re a coffee snob, try the cold brew – it’s the most intense cold brew coffee I’ve ever had!

Minh Chay

Also in the Old Quarter, Minh Chay is a Vietnamese restaurant that is completely vegan. Serving up pho, vietnamese noodles, spring rolls, and lots of other local Vietnamese dishes made vegan, Minh Chay even offers fake meats to make the dishes authentic.

Best Vegan Food Hanoi : Vegan Restaurants

I loved the Vegan Old Quarter Snail Vermicelli Noodle Soup (pictured), and the Vegan Mixed Glass Noodles. They offer amazing spring rolls and lots of other goodies, including western food. I highly recommend making a stop in.

Banh Mi Chay

If it’s a truly local experience you’re after, look no further than Banh Mi Chay. I found this place online – it’s a completely vegan, local restaurant. It’s not easy to find from the street. I added the address 66B Tran Hung Dao to google maps and walked past it a few times before I saw the sign.

Best Vegan Food Hanoi : Vegan Restaurants

Best Vegan Food Hanoi : Vegan Restaurants

There are only three things on the menu. You can try a vegan Banh Mi, a pillow donut (aka a local samosa), or fried spring rolls. I just ordered one of everything and tried it out. It was all amazing! And the total for the meal came up to 35,000 dong (which is $1.14 USD). This is what Vietnam is all about.

The vegan food scene in Hanoi is insane. If you check out Happy Cow, you’ll see that there are ninety-five vegan-friendly restaurants in Hanoi. It could take months to try them all! These were my favorites out of the ones I tried.

Would you try vegan Vietnamese food??

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The Best Hikes In Sydney, Australia

Upon arriving in Sydney, I found that this city is filled with breathtaking hikes – there are coastal hikes, harbor hikes, and even a whole mountain range just an hour East of the city. This is a list of the best hikes in Sydney, Australia.Best Hikes in Sydney: Blue Mountains

Best Hikes in Sydney, Australia 
1. Palm Beach / Barrenjoey Lighthouse Hike

This hike starts at the famous Palm Beach (where the aussie soap opera Home And Away is filmed) and takes you up to Barrenjoey lighthouse. From the tip of the mountain, you’ll be able to see where the bay meets the ocean, and the kilometers of beach that separate the two. This is one of the best views I’ve ever had on a hike, and high on the list of the best hikes in Sydney. See the full post on this hike for more photos.

Best Hikes In Sydney, Australia

2. Bondi to Coogee

This hike is a beautiful walk along the coast just South of Sydney’s CBD. It took me about two hours one way, mainly because I stopped for so many photos. It’s most common to walk from Bondi to Coogee, but I went from Coogee to Bondi, which I imagine to be a bit more rewarding if you’ve never seen Bondi before. It’s not hard to see how this one made the list of best hikes in Sydney! See the full post on this hike for more info. 

The Best Hikes in SydneyThe Best Hikes in Sydney, Australia Best Hikes in Sydney, Australia Best Hikes in Sydney, Australia

3. Figure 8 Pools

About 30 mins south of Sydney CBD is the Royal National Park. Head here for a medium-intensity, 1 hour hike to the beach, and even further, the figure 8 pools. The figure 8 pools have been naturally created over hundreds of years, and are incredible to see in real life. This is one of the shorter hikes of the best hikes in Sydney. See the full post on this hike for more details and lots more photos. Best Hikes in Sydney, Australia

4. Marley Beach Hike

Also located in the Royal National Park, the hike to Marley Beach takes about an hour and a half from the fire road. I took a rocky fire road path, but if you’d like to go on a smoother, newer, man-made path, I’d recommend starting at Bundeena. The path is relatively uneventful, but the reveal of Marley beach is astonishing. We brought a picnic and ate a bit inland, where the wind wasn’t as strong. The views make it obvious as to how this one made the list of best hikes in Sydney!

The Best Hikes in Sydney, Australia The Best Hiking Trails in Sydney, Australia The Best Hiking in Sydney, Australia The Best Hikes in Sydney, Australia

5. Grand Canyon Hike to Evans Lookout, Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are a perfect weekend trip for the avid hiker visiting Sydney. Located just about an hour to an hour and a half outside of Sydney, the Blue Mountains are full of long, lush hiking trails. One of my favorites was the Grand Canyon hike to Evan’s Lookout – it took us about 2 hours to get to Evans Lookout, through the canyon. The amount of hikes in the Blue Mountains makes it a clear top candidate of the best hikes in Sydney.

The Best Hikes in Sydney, Australia

6. Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains

Wentworth Falls is a massive waterfall that you should NOT MISS if you’re taking a trip to the Blue Mountains. Go early, because the hike is beautiful but long. We ended up having to take a shorter trail because we ran out of time before it got dark. It paid off in the end, as we got to see a second waterfall – Empress Falls.

Blue Mountains Wentworth Falls TrailBlue Mountains: The Perfect Weekend Getaway From Sydney

See the full post for more photos. 

7. Cronulla Beach Hike

If you’re feeling a chill, lazy day sort of walk, the Cronulla beach hike is for you! This is a relatively flat, easy walk. It’s a long one as well, so bring your water and maybe some snacks. It’s not hard to see how this one made the list of best hikes in Sydney!

Best Hikes in Sydney: Cronulla BeachBest Hikes In Sydney: Cronulla Beach

8. Chowder Bay to Bradley’s Head Hike

This is one of the first hikes I did in Sydney and one of the most impressive. This trail takes you from Chowder Bay (have a coffee at the old bunker turned coffee shop before heading out!) all the way to Bradley’s Head – where you will get a stunning view of the Sydney Harbor bridge and Sydney Opera House. See the full post for more photos and details.
Best Hikes in Sydney: Bradley's Head Best Hikes in Sydney: Bradley's Head

9. Manly to Spit Bridge

The Manly to Spit Bridge trek was one that I was most looking forward to. Starting at the stunning Manly Beach, this is a long hike at 10k each way. I just did one way, but if you’re feeling wild, try to go round trip. See the full post for more photos and details. Best Hikes in Sydney: Manly to Spit Bridge Best Hikes in Sydney: Manly to Spit Bridge

Planning a trip to Sydney? Check out my favorite restaurants in Sydney and the best beaches that Sydney has to offer. What did you think of this list of the best hikes in Sydney?

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