A Story About My Debit Card: Part 2

The most interesting part of this story is in Part 1 – click here to read it if you haven’t yet!

So, after my debit card got hijacked by the ATM, I had to call my bank. Don’t ask me why, but my bank customer service line is not open 24 hours. WTF?! I am seriously considering switching banks now. Anyway, MOVING ON. So I waited until the next day, called the bank, and they released the hold they had on my card. They put the hold on the card and made that machine suck the card in! It was all them. I am happy that they have such serious identity theft protection, but it was a bit inconvenient at the time.


I motorcycled (is that even a word?!) over to the ATM and tried it out. It was a miracle! It worked! I may have even looked up to the sky, put my hands in a prayer position, and said thank you. I maybe did that.


Now that I have my debit card back, I’ve been really living it up. I drive my motorcycle at least an hour a day around Koh Samui, checking out ocean views from my bike. I go out to eat at the cheapest Thai restaurants – they even know me now. I walk in and they say, “you want with tofu, no oil, blah blah blah.” And I say, “Yes! You are so kind! Thank you!” I’ve been really enjoying my days of motorcycle riding mixed in with some ocean swims, long walks on the beach, reading, and a lot of eating. I’ve also been really loading up my youtube channel, so check that out if you haven’t recently.

P.S. I took both of these photos! I am having so much fun learning more about photography. The top photo was taken at Chewang beach (the place was called the Beach Resort), and the bottom one was taken at Vikasa Yoga. 🙂


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