A Yoga Retreat in Bali: Shanti Toya Ashram

A Yoga Retreat in Bali: Shanti Toya Ashram

After a very busy couple of months at the beginning of this year, I already needed a break. I decided to gift myself with a calming yoga retreat in Ubud, Bali. I found a room on Airbnb at an yoga ashram, and booked myself in for the week.

rice paddy terrace ubud bali

ubud rice paddies bali yoga retreat

When I got to the ashram, I was very pleasantly surprised. It was in the middle of the jungle and it was incredibly natural and stunningly beautiful. The little plot of land had stone walkways, a little collection of buildings housing the rooms, an adorable communal dining hall, and an outside yoga studio. I scored the budget room at the yoga retreat, coming in at $10 a night, which included two yoga classes a day, 2-3 activities a day, and breakfast (with balinese coffee!!) in the morning. The room was simple with a detached bathroom, and was an incredible value for what I paid.

bali yoga retreat

rice paddies ubud bali ashram

relaxing bali ubud retreat

I spent my days eating breakfast with the other retreaters, getting to know each other. We would sit at the dining tables and chat for hours over coffee, fruit, and oatmeal. After breakfast, I would try to fit in some pool time if I could. How could I resist this?!

bali yoga retreat

yoga bali indonesia

yoga retreat bali ashram ubud

After working on my tan, I’d head back up to the dining hall for lunch. All meals were made at the ashram by some adorable local women, and I could choose to eat breakfast and lunch there for 50,000 rupiah per meal, which is about $5 USD. All the food was vegetarian, and about 95% of it was vegan. After lunch, I would either work a bit or head off to one of the activities. Over the week, I learned how to dance Balinese style, I did my first Satya (like a group therapy truth circle situation), I took an intro to massage class. I watched sunsets over rice paddies, took a trip to a waterfall and an incredible temple (separate post coming), and got to know people from different countries and cultures. I learned how to say thank you in Balinese, and I heard truly inspiring stories of how the people there came to be at the ashram.

sunset bali indonesia

shanti toya ashram group photo bali

jungle bali indonesia retreat ubud

The yoga classes were so much fun, and I got to learn and work on poses that I’d never tried before. I had never been to a yoga class where I’ve laughed so hard, where I’ve fallen on my neck, and where I’ve mastered poses that I didn’t know I could do.

yoga in ubud, bali shanti toya ashram

Shanti Toya Ashram is about 30 mins by motorbike outside of Ubud, Bali. It’s possible to rent a motorbike from the ashram and head into Ubud if you’d like to explore, but I chose to stay at the ashram mainly and spend a few days in Ubud following the retreat. If you’d like to do the all-inclusive version of the yoga retreat (including all meals and one free coconut a day, plus an upgraded room), the cost is between $30-$40 USD per night (or you can book the Airbnb that I stayed in here).

motorcycle scooter rentals ubud bali

bali coconut indonesia rice paddies

It was so amazing to feel connected to nature again and let my inner hippy come out a bit. I walked around barefoot, lived in my bathing suit, and lived off fruit, coffee, rice, tempeh, and vegetables for the week. Living in such a simple way can truly help reset the mind and did wonders for my mental state. I highly recommend checking out a yoga ashram while in Bali!

rice paddy ubud bali

buddha shanti toya ashram bali

yoga retreat ubud bali

[This post is not sponsored; all opinions are my own. I paid for my stay at the retreat and was not asked to provide a review, the owners had no idea that I was a travel blogger 😉 #incognito]





  1. Tekla
    April 1, 2018 / 10:11 pm

    Hey Amanda,

    Thanks for sharing your experience about the ashram 🙂

    My question is if the activities like cooking class, dance class etc, is included in the price if you book through airbnb?
    Also is there a possibility to buy your own lunch/dinner in walking distance?



    • April 13, 2018 / 11:59 pm

      Hi Tekla!

      Yes, the classes were all included in the price even booked through airbnb. The meals were not, but they were inexpensive to add on.

      There is nowhere that you can walk to for food, the location is really rural. If you have no problem driving a motorbike, you can rent one from them and take the drive to Ubud, which is full of amazing restaurants!

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