The Best Day in WA

The Best Day in WA

All of my dreams came true today. I finally went wine tasting in Australia. For those of you who don’t know, I worked in the wine industry for about 4 years before quitting my job to travel the world. I really love wine and so I was so excited to learn that there is a little wine region just about 20 mins north of Perth! Major score. So you better believe that I headed up there as soon as I could to taste some wines.


I went to a few wineries and tried loads of wines. The weather was great (it gets pretty warm here), the wines were fantastic, and it was just a great day overall. I even ended up buying a bottle (okay maybe two) to take home with me.

After a full day of wine tasting (with an incredible lunch that I forgot to photograph), we headed to the beach to watch the sunset. Life in Western Australia is seriously a dream. 

A lot of people skip Western Australia when they visit Australia because it’s a bit far out of the way, and most of the major cities in Australia are on the east coast. If you ever plan on coming to Australia, I would highly recommend fitting in WA as it is a side of Australia that you should not miss. Also, how could you resist sunsets at the beach?!



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