What to Do for a Week in Hong Kong

What to Do for a Week in Hong Kong

I planned to spend a week in Hong Kong. I just picked this amount of time based on flights, and I like to spend about a week in each city. It gives me enough time to do everything I want to do and then some. It gives me time to wander aimlessly and go to so many coffee shops. Here is how I spent a week in Hong Kong.

Day 1: I arrived at the Hong Kong International airport in the morning, around 10 am. I got some breakfast and coffee in the airport and then took the bus (14 HK dollars) to my couchsurfing hosts apartment. His maid met me and brought me in. I worked a bit on editing (I had slept two hours the night before and was in no shape to go out) and then I wandered around the area. I was staying in Mei Foo, which has a little shopping center. There is a restaurant in that shopping center which seemed like a popular place for the locals. I went in and had to ask for an English menu and ordered a curry. Don’t kill me for not ordering Chinese food immediately – I didn’t know how to veganize it yet!


After dinner, I went back to the house and met up with the two other people who were staying there. We all took the MTR (subway) to Jordan, where we met our host, Dennis, who showed us a great noodle place. Dennis openly admits that he is obsessed with noodles – we ate noodles every time I ate with him. We walked around the ladies market, which is a market that sells knockoff luxury brand products, like purses and iphone cases.

We walked down temple street and passed through a road where people were getting their fortune read. I can be a pretty spontaneous person, and I was feeling wild, so I decided to get my fortune read. It was my first time getting my fortune read and it was really interesting. The woman told me a lot of stuff I already knew about myself, but she also said that I’ll live to be 84 and my first child will be a girl. One of these is a big surprise – if you know me well, you know that I don’t plan on having children. I guess time will tell if either of these come true 🙂


The next day, I went and touristed with my new friend Marijs. She has a website that you can check out here. She takes amazing pictures, so I was stoked to spend a day with her where we can both be super tourists, taking pictures and videos for each other. We spent the day trying chinese food (vegan, of course – luckily she is veg so it worked out perfectly!). We started out with some veg dumplings for breakfast at DIN TAI FUNG. It’s an amazing, Michelin starred restaurant. The dumplings were amazing and we finished it off with some sesame dessert buns. Delish!


We spent a lot of the day walking around. We went to the harbor and took the ferry across the water to Hong Kong Island. We walked around the botanical gardens and through the aviary where we saw some really beautiful exotic birds. I definitely recommend the botanical gardens if you go to Hong Kong – it’s a great getaway from the busy-ness of the city. We took the tram to get to the peak next – but soon realized that was not going to work out. There is only one tram that goes to the Victoria Peak, and it had a two hour wait. We decided to go out for a drink instead. 🙂 We went to a really cute place (I totally didn’t get the name of it), with a really sweet and informative Australian expat who had lived in HK for ten years. She told us to go to Aqua for a great view of the city at night. We headed over there (it’s a bar/restaurant, so we had to buy a pretty expensive drink to stay there). It was a fancy place and a great place to hang out and talk. The view was great as well.

The next day, we were determined to get to the Victoria Peak. The Aussie woman from the bar the night before had told us to get a taxi from Soho to the Peak – it’s roughly the same price as the tram if you have two people. We did this and split the price of the taxi – 80 HKD. It was totally worth passing up that two hour wait.


And we got the view! The view from the top was incredible. Definitely one of my favorite things that I did in Hong Kong. I could have stayed up there all day, but Marijs had a flight to catch, so we headed back.


The next few days were spent wandering solo through Central and Soho. I went to lots of coffee shops, restaurants, and dessert places (so much vegan ice cream!). Soho was my favorite place to wander. It was full of shops, healthy restaurants, and lots of people watching. There are so many great coffee places in HK as well. Check out this post for my favorite restaurants in Hong Kong. IMG_1389.JPG

One day, while I was bored in Soho, I even popped into a salon and got my hair colored. I was having a pretty wild week.

IMG_1332.JPGraspberry sorbet at Emack & Bolios in Soho 


coffee at Holy Chef with Jeremy

Overall, Hong Kong was an amazing city to explore. I loved the huge variety of health-focused restaurants, and I love that I can get whatever I want to eat. It was so exciting to go to my first Michelin-star restaurant, get the best city view I’ve ever seen, and meet so many amazing people. Hong Kong has EXCELLENT public transportation, and they even have a really fun ferry service that you can take to HK island if you feel like being a little more adventurous than just taking the ferry. Hong Kong is a great place to go if you feel like spending some money. There is so much shopping, so many amazing places to eat, and so much to do.


A big thank you to Dennis and Jeremy for hosting me during my stay in Hong Kong!


Have you been to Hong Kong? Did you go to any of the same places I went? Let me know in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to check out my Hong Kong video here.


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