Baes Be Booking

what’s booking, good looking?

I’m starting a book club!

Baes Be Booking

I have talked about books that have changed my life on Youtube, I mention books that I’m reading occasionally on Instagram, and now you’ve asked for a book club – you got it! I am naming the book club “Baes Be Booking” – because I’m sassy like that.
Book Club

I’m thinking of starting off with one fiction and one nonfiction per month. It’s always good to include a bit of fun in your life, right!?

We are going to kick off the nonfiction section of the book club with Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain for the month of October. I watched Susan’s Ted talk a few months ago and I’ve been obsessed with her ever since, so I’m stoked to start off with this book. Book Club Quiet Amanda Round the Globe

You can get Quiet on Amazon here.

If you’re into the fiction, we are going to be reading the book The Couple Next Door, by Shari Lapena. This book is meant to be a similar read to The Girl on the Train. It’s said to have loads of twists and shockers. I love a book that blows my mind and I’m really looking forward to this one. the couple next door book club amanda round the globe

You can get The Couple Next Door on Amazon here.

We are going to be doing most of the discussion in the Facebook group, make sure to join us there! 

Who is excited for the first month of the book club?!

Leave a comment down below if you’d like to recommend a book for next month!