I’ll Never Buy {New} Clothes Again

I watched a documentary a couple nights ago called The True Cost. It’s on Netflix (go check it out), and it is super interesting. I was aware of mostly everything that was brought up in the movie, but it is a great reminder of what we are supporting when we buy clothes that are made abroad and super inexpensive. The documentary really goes in depth with the people who work in the factories that produce clothing for the United States. At a few different points during the show, I was actually repulsed by the way these companies are treating the workers and getting away with it. It disgusted me enough to make a pact.

I have made a decision that from now on, I will not buy new clothes anymore UNLESS they are fair trade. I’ll be buying most of my clothes second hand (this is so much easier on the environment too), which will be a fun challenge. I really look forward to where this leads me, and I really hope that you can watch the movie and join my pledge. If you are willing to pledge with me, leave a comment down below and let me know. 🙂

P.S. Check out the YouTube video I did on this subject here.


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