How to Afford Travel

I get asked often, how to afford travel. I’ve been travelling full time for almost two years now, and these are my best tips and tricks to be able to afford to travel full time.

How to Afford TravelHow to Afford Travel
1. Travel Hacking

I talk all about the specifics of travel hacking in my ebook. For those who don’t know what it is, here’s a quick rundown. Travel hacking is a way of using credit card points for free flights, upgrades, hotel rooms, etc. I made ZERO change to my lifestyle to get a free round trip flight from SFO to Europe. I just signed up for this credit card, used it to maximize my bonus points and referred a few people, and then had hundreds of thousands of points that I could use for flights, hotel rooms, or even gift cards. I was even able to buy my sister and I flights to Nicaragua immediately after my Copenhagen flight purchase!

How to Afford Travel

2. Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

By being aware of what I’m spending money on, and making sure that I only buy things that are of value to me, I am able to maximize the money that I have. Watch my video on how minimalism changed my life, and how it led me to world travel. It’s helped me make some massive shifts in my life and led me to so much more than saving money. I’d highly recommend giving it a try! If you haven’t heard of minimalism, check out the Ted Talk by the Minimalists.


How To Afford Travel

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3. Learning about Sustainability

This one has a larger impact than you’d imagine – I used to spend loads of money on clothes and fast fashion. Once I watched “The True Cost” (watch it on Netflix), I completely changed my outlook on clothing. We are doing so much harm by purchasing cheap clothing made in factories with terrible working conditions. I’d suggest watching the doc and making your own choices. Please let me know what you think of it if you’ve seen it! I now buy less clothes, and when I do need something, I always try to buy second hand first. How to Afford Full Time Travel

4. Live Like A Local

By treating travel as a learning experience instead of a massive binger, I am able to save tons of money. I don’t drink often, and I am definitely not out partying at night. Instead of all-inclusive resorts, I stay in local accommodation like airbnbs, or sometimes I’ll even rent a place out. By cooking most of my own food, I save a ton. But I’ll still splurge on an epic vegan meal every once in a while. I really think about what the money I’m spending could get me. It costs me about $30 a day to live in Thailand – if I’m spending $30 on a meal in Australia or America, it better be worth giving up one day of living in Thailand. #realitycheck How to Afford Full Time Travel

5. Resources

I have tons of resources that I use to find the cheapest flights, the best accommodation, the luggage that I use to travel carry-on only, and the best travel insurance here. These are must-knows for anyone wondering how to afford travel! How to Afford Full Time Travel

6. Working Visas

I did a working visa for a year in Australia, where I was able to work and live (and travel) in the country for up to a year. I wrote an ultimate guide to the working holiday visa in Australia, which includes info on how I got work, what the wages are like, and how to find accommodation. Working while abroad is an easy way on how to afford travel. Use google to see what countries you can work abroad in! (p.s. you can always work online anywhere in the world). How to Afford Full Time Travel

My e-book goes more in depth on all of these topics, and includes real budgets from multiple countries (including Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, and Australia), safety tips and tricks, and a whole chapter on how to use travel hacking.

How To Travel The World On A Budget

What do you think of my tips? Have you used any of these yourself? Let me know in the comments below!



The Best Vegan Restaurants In Melbourne

After living in Melbourne for three months – and spending a large part of that time eating out – I’ve come up with a list of the best vegan restaurants that Melbourne has to offer. This list is not comprehensive, as there are new places popping up monthly here! My favorites so far are:

Best Vegan Restaurants Melbourne

1.Urban Projuice

This place is amazing. Located in Albert Park, they do the best breakfasts and lunches. My goal is to try everything on the menu. I’m pretty close, and so far everything has been completely drool-worthy. I am a big fan of vegan restaurants that are health conscious; Urban Projuice delivers nutritious and delicious food.

Burrito Bowl Urban Projuice Best Vegan Restaurants Melbourne

Best Vegan Restaurants Melbourne Urban Projuice Tofu on Toast

The ambiance of Urban Projuice is fab – perfect for a coffee date with your best friend, but also a great spot to spend the morning working online. There is great indoor seating, but I usually like to snag a seat on the front or back patio.

A meal at Urban Projuice will set you back about $15-$23, depending on additions (avocado is $4.50). Breakfast runs a bit lighter, with tofu on toast for $8; you backpackers on a budget can make it work here!

I rate Urban Projuice as a DO NOT MISS.

2. Red Sparrow

If you are tired of healthy food and are looking to dig into a chewy, cheesy and [faux] meaty pizza, Red Sparrow is the place to go. Located in Collingwood, Red Sparrow is a newly opened Melbourne pizzeria, and it doesn’t seem like the buzz is going to die down anytime soon here. Every time I walk past, it’s packed. I’d recommend going early or making a reservation if you can. I love this place so much I wrote an entire post about it.

Red Sparrow Pizza Pizzeria Melbourne

The pizzas at Red Sparrow are by far the best pizza I’ve ever had in my two years of being vegan. I’ve never had such an impressive mock pepperoni or such perfectly melted and gooey cheese. The specials are quite impressive, offering up daily pizzas like chick’n curry pizza (which was very good) and italian sausage pizza topped with feta and arugula. They also offer a large selection of vegan wine and beer, juices, and even kombucha, if you’re in the mood.

Red Sparrow Pizza MelbourneRed Sparrow Pepperoni Pizza

Red Sparrow is a DO NOT MISS. Pizzas will cost you about $17-$20 each.

3. Sister of Soul 

Located just south of Melbourne CBD in St Kilda, Sister of Soul offers up a wide variety of cultural dishes – choose from dal, noodle stir fries, gnocchi, burritos; Sister of Soul has it all. This place will satisfy any picky eater.

Red Lentil Dal Sister of Soul Best Vegan Restaurants Melbourne

Best Vegan Restaurants Melbourne Sister of Soul

Best Vegan Restaurants Melbourne Sister of Soul

Meals here range from about $17- $23. I rate Sister of Soul as HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

4. Vegie Bar

Located in the vegan heaven of Fitzroy, Vegie Bar is one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Melbourne. Everything is vegetarian, and anything can be made vegan. It’s focused on traditional foods made vegan – think nachos, burgers, pizzas, pasta.

Vegie Bar Nachos Vegan Melbourne

Vegan Melbourne Vegie Bar

I tried the nachos and just about died, they were so amazing. They are pretty filling and would probably be best shared. We also had the tofu and quinoa burger, which was super tasty, but a bit small – don’t try to share this one 😉

Vegie Bar Burger Vegan Melbourne

Vegie Bar pricing is standard, roughly $15-$20 for a meal. I rate Vegie Bar as definitely recommended. 

5. Smith and Deli

Smith and Deli is my favorite place to stop in for a low-key nosh. It’s deli-style, which means no seating, but a great place to grab a breakfast sandwich and coffee to go. They have three walls filled entirely with vegan groceries, which can be very tempting. Almost as tempting as that pastry case…

smith and deli melbourne

I wrote an entire post on how much love I have for this place too.

inside smith and deli fitzroy melbourne vegan food deli

I love the hipster vibe and the variety of foods. I always seem to get breakfast foods here, and can highly recommend the egg mcmartinez. The coffee is also top notch. I definitely recommend giving this place a try out.

vegan breakfast sandwich melbourne

Breakfast sandwiches run from $7- $12. I rate Smith and Deli as DO NOT MISS.

6. Yong Green Foods

If the Melbourne weather has got you down (seriously, the weather is by far the worst part of Melbourne), hop into Yong Green Foods for a hot bowl of vegan pho. I can’t resist a piping hot bowl of goodness when it’s wet and raining outside and I’m near Brunswick Street in Fitzroy.

Best Vegan Restaurants Melbourne

I usually get just tofu and veg in my pho, but they also offer mock meat if you are into that.

Best Vegan Restaurants Melbourne

A bowl of pho will set you back about $17. I rate Yong Green Foods as highly recommended.


What do you think of my list? Which place would you go to first??







Happy New Year! It’s 2017 and I hope that everyone is looking forward to the New Year. I love the energy that a new year brings. Fresh beginnings, a clean start, all of the opportunity that we can create this year – let’s do it!

I can’t wait to see how this year unfolds. I have loads of personal and professional goals lined up, along with a LOT of travel goals! Speaking of which…. Remember a few months ago I mentioned that I was working on an ebook?? Well, it’s finished, and IT’S HERE.

I’ve been working on an ultimate guide to traveling the world – this baby contains all of the answers to the questions I get asked so often, plus lots of tips and tricks for traveling. I’ll give you a sneak peak – here is the table of contents.

  1. Why I Chose Long Term Travel over the American Dream
  1. Preparing for your trip: What to do immediately
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Savings Plan
  • Travel Insurance
  • Planning Your Trip
  1. How to Pack Only the Necessities & the Gear You’ll Need to Do It  
  1. How to Find the Cheapest Flight & Are ‘Around The World’ Tickets Worth It?
  1. Booking Accommodation
  • Which type of accommodation are you looking for?
  • Long Term Accommodation: How to Find The Best Apartment
  • How to Keep Your Stuff Safe While Travelling
  1. How to Get Around
  • Figuring out Local Transportation
  • Safety on the Road
  1. Saving Money on the Road
  • How to Get Free Tours
  1. So You Want to Travel Long Term
  • Work Visas vs Tourist Visas
  • Making Money Online
  • Getting Your Stuff Together at Home – Opportunities

9. Sample budgets from Thailand, South America, Europe and Australia


As you can see, I’ve covered a LOT of information. This book is 40+ pages full of insight on how to save money to travel, how I used travel hacking to get free flights (and how you can too!) and even tips on keeping your stuff safe while traveling. It’s pretty jam packed!

I know you guys will love the book. I created this because my mission is to help people travel more. Travel has changed my life in the best ways possible and has helped me grow into a better person. I hope that I can help you achieve your travel goals in 2017! Click here to get your copy – I can’t wait to hear what you think about it!





The Best Day in WA

All of my dreams came true today. I finally went wine tasting in Australia. For those of you who don’t know, I worked in the wine industry for about 4 years before quitting my job to travel the world. I really love wine and so I was so excited to learn that there is a little wine region just about 20 mins north of Perth! Major score. So you better believe that I headed up there as soon as I could to taste some wines.


I went to a few wineries and tried loads of wines. The weather was great (it gets pretty warm here), the wines were fantastic, and it was just a great day overall. I even ended up buying a bottle (okay maybe two) to take home with me.

After a full day of wine tasting (with an incredible lunch that I forgot to photograph), we headed to the beach to watch the sunset. Life in Western Australia is seriously a dream. 

A lot of people skip Western Australia when they visit Australia because it’s a bit far out of the way, and most of the major cities in Australia are on the east coast. If you ever plan on coming to Australia, I would highly recommend fitting in WA as it is a side of Australia that you should not miss. Also, how could you resist sunsets at the beach?!



Moving To Melbourne

It’s official – I’ve moved to Melbourne! I can’t believe that I am living in Australia. Getting to Australia was as far as I’d planned out in my travels. I knew everything that I was doing before this and now I’m here. I have an apartment (2 bed, 1 bath, small, with one English housemate) and I’m getting to know Melbourne. I’ve been here for one month now and I have finally come to the realization that I’m not dreaming. I’ve unpacked my suitcase, learned the best local coffee shops, I’ve even gotten groceries delivered to my apartment (and made friends with the delivery guy, of course). I’ve met Australians and foreigners. I’ve gone out dancing until 2 am and I’ve spent nights in bed binging on Netflix (I’ve finally started watching Lost. I know I’m a bit late to the game on that one). I’ve gone on long walks and I’ve drank a lot of coffee. I’ve gone out for brunch and I’ve tried vegan burgers. I even was able to attend World Vegan Day in Fitzroy, where my friend Renae and I visited multiple vegan restaurants and caught up over the best vegan food. I’ve made a good amount of friends and am finally feeling settled.


I’ve settled down just a bit south of the city. I live in a great little financial-district type of area, close to the beautiful Albert Park. I went for a walk around Albert Park when I first moved in, which took about an hour and a half – it’s 5 miles from my house to get around the park and back. It is absolutely beautiful. It’s turning to spring here in Melbourne, and the trees and colors are just stunning. Though the locals love to tell me that there are four seasons in one day here, yet I am still never prepared. I get told that at least once a day though. I still don’t own an umbrella – I’m chasing an endless summer and I refuse to buy an umbrella. Most days the worst that happens is that my hair gives me whiplash due to the excessive wind.


I’ve gotten a job, thank goodness. I will start working for a nonprofit to raise donations for charity tomorrow. I’m excited to be working again and to be a part of a community. The company that I will be working for seems great – my favorite work perk is that they will pay for us to travel to different parts of Australia to do fundraising. Sounds like my dream job! I am very excited to see what that turns into.


In the next few weeks, I’ll finalize my plans for Australia. I’m currently exploring options and considering a second year visa. I’m looking into where I want to live (you know I’ll be moving around!) and what I want to do and see while I’m here. I can’t wait to get my kangaroo selfie and show you guys the best places in Melbourne. Stay tuned and stay adventurous.