Best Melbourne Vegan Restaurants: Red Sparrow

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Red Sparrow is an all vegan pizzeria in Melbourne that just opened earlier this year, in February 2017. I headed in for the first time in early March – luckily I got there before the massive dinner rush, because word has spread quickly through Melbourne about how amazing this place is.

Red Sparrow Pizza Melbourne

Red Sparrow Pizza Pizzeria Melbourne

I ordered a basic pepperoni pizza on my first visit. I haven’t had pepperoni pizza in years, and I was so excited when it was brought over to my table, hot, steamy, and with perfectly melted {vegan} cheese. On first bite, I notice the spiciness of the pepperoni, made with red chili flakes. I noticed the perfect chewiness of the crust and the absolute perfection of the cheese that was used. It was by far the best vegan pizza I’ve had in my life.

Red Sparrow Pepperoni Pizza

I ate that pizza so fast, and immediately knew that I would be back.

Red Sparrow Pizza Pepperoni

A couple weeks later, I was in the area around dinner time. This was the moment I’d been waiting for. I headed to Red Sparrow with a friend and we got a table after only a couple minutes, even though the restaurant was completely full.

Red Sparrow Pizza Pizzeria Melbourne

I got an Italian sausage pizza and my friend got a chik’n curry pizza. The italian sausage was topped with arugula and ‘feta.’ The curry one sounded a bit odd to me, but upon trying it, I actually prefered it over the italian sausage. Both pizzas were to die for.

Red Sparrow Pizza Pizzeria Melbourne

Red Sparrow Pizza Melbourne

Red Sparrow Pizza Melbourne

If you are in Melbourne or planning a trip, you CANNOT MISS this place. Red Sparrow is not something you just stop by if you’re near – you go out there and get your vegan pizza. You will never forget the perfection that is Red Sparrow.

PS If you can’t make it to Collingwood, they also deliver 😉


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