How Much I Spent for A Weekend In The Blue Mountains

How Much I Spent For A Weekend in the Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia

I recently got asked how much I spent for a weekend in the Blue Mountains. In this post, I’ll break down my entire expenses for a weekend away in the Blue Mountains. To see more on the Blue Mountains, see my itinerary and my photo diary.

How Much I Spent for a weekend in the blue mountains

All in all, I calculated that we each spent about $100 (there were just two of us – me and a friend). This includes all of our food, gas, accommodation, and parking fees. We spent most of the weekend hiking and taking photos, both of which are free, so we were able to make this trip pretty budget friendly. It’s crazy to add up how much I spent for a weekend in the Blue Mountains – it was such an easy budget-friendly trip!

Day 1: grand canyon hike and evans lookout

We had to get off to a good start – aka I NEED CAFFEINE – so our first stop was for coffees.

How Much I Spent for a Weekend Away in The Blue Mountains

Two soy cappuccinos: $10 

Next, we made a quick stop to the Coles (an Aussie grocery store) for some lunch supplies. We picked up pita bread, sweet potato and cashew spread, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, and a liter of coconut water. We also got some apples and chips.

Total Spent at Coles (for lunch & car snacks): $26 

How Much I Spent on a Weekend in the Blue Mountains

After stop at the petrol station, we were fueled up and ready to go. Note: it cost $45 to fill up the tank, but we only used half the tank for this trip. Michael drives a two-door Barina, which is a small, super gas efficient car.

How Much I Spent for A Weekend in the Blue Mountains

Total Spent on Petrol: $20 

When we got to the Blue Mountains, we went straight to our first destination: the Grand Canyon trek. Parking was free, and we ate lunch in the car before heading out with a full bottle of water and the liter of coconut water (and lots of layers because it was SO COLD).

Blue Mountains Evans Lookout

Four hours of (free) hiking and photo – taking later, we were back at the car and starving. On our way to the airbnb, we scrapped our plan of stopping at the shops to pick up veggie burgers to make at the airbnb, and instead opted for a fancy Thai dinner out (#lazy).

Thai dinner out: $45 

We then headed to the airbnb, which I’d arranged the week prior. The airbnb had a great setup; we had a private room, a massive bed, and even electric blankets! We had our own bathroom to boot. (PS I LOVE AIRBNB SO MUCH and I highly recommend trying it out! Use my link to get $25 off your first trip;) ).

One Night At Airbnb: $45 

Day 2: Three sisters and wentworth falls

How Much I Spent For A Weekend in the Blue Mountains

The next day, we woke up feeling rested and *almost* alive again. To feel fully awake, alive, and aware, I needed that soy capp. We got ready and headed out to find coffee and shops on the way to the Three Sisters.

We found a cute coffee shop right next to an IGA. SCORE. We had our coffee “for here,” as that is my new favorite thing.

Dan's Coffee Hause Blue Mountains

Two Soy Cappuccinos: $10 

After enjoying a quiet coffee, we picked up the pace and rushed into IGA with a plan. We picked up wraps, mixed greens, tomatoes, hummus, and bananas. Michael picked up an extra bottle of water, and I grabbed a juice. We also picked up a couple personal sized sourdough loaves for breakfast.

Breakfast/Lunch Supplies from IGA: $25

We headed to the Three Sisters and parked on the road. There was a minimum parking fee of $4, so we scrounged up some change and headed to the rock formation.

How Much I Spent For A Weekend in the Blue Mountains

Parking Fee: $4 

We spent about 40 minutes here, walking around and taking some photos. It was super cold and windy, so we decided to head to the next destination – Wentworth Falls.

We got to Wentworth Falls, still freezing, and decided it was time for a second coffee. There was a food truck parked outside the falls selling coffee, so we grabbed two soy capps to go.

Two soy capps: $8

We drank those and then spent the next four hours hiking around the falls, eating bananas and filling up the water bottle under the waterfalls.

How Much I Spent for A Weekend in the Blue Mountains

Once we got back to the end of the trail, we ate our lunch and headed home. All in all, the total cost of this trip (for two people) came to $193 AUD. We split everything, so we each paid about $100. Not too shabby for a weekend away, eh?






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    I love reading your blogs. This is such a budget friendly option the place looks great maybe one day i will get to see it .

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