Best Hikes in Sydney: Palm Beach

The Best Hiking In Sydney: Palm Beach

After doing some research on hiking in Sydney, I quickly discovered (and lusted after) the Palm Beach hike to Barrenjoey Lighthouse. The Palm Beach hike drew me in so quickly – the view from the top of the mountain is spectacular. I would have hiked hours for that view, but luckily, it’s just a short hike to the top.

Palm Beach is famous in Australia because it is where the daytime soap opera Home and Away is filmed. This series has been on Aussie TV since the 1980’s – it’s a big deal. I wandered around Palm Beach, not recognizing anything, while Michael the Australian was losing it over being there. Palm Beach Hike Sydney Australia Palm Beach Hike Sydney Palm Beach Hike Sydney

There is a restaurant on Palm Beach, called the Boathouse. It’s super cute and very expensive. If you’re on a budget (which I always am, #travellife), I’d recommend bringing a picnic to enjoy at the top of the mountain.

The hike up took about 45 minutes. There are two trails to choose from on the way up – one of them is a challenging, steep stairs; the other is a more gradual ascent. The mountain is a pretty steep one, so whichever way you take will be relatively challenging.

Palm Beach Hike Summer BayPalm Beach Hike Barrenjoey Lighthouse

Once we got to the top, we found a spot for our picnic.

Hiking Sydney: Palm Beach Hiking Sydney: Palm Beach

There may or may not be wine in that cup…

Hiking Sydney: Palm Beach

Okay, we definitely had wine. We sat up at the top of the mountain for about an hour and a half, just talking, eating, drinking, and watching the boats in the bay.

Palm Beach Hike: Sydney Australia

The hike down was a bit easier, but those steep descents can be hard on the knees. We watched the sun go down over the bay and headed home, tired and full.

If you’re planning a trip to Sydney, make sure to check out my favorite hikes in Sydney: the Coogee to Bondi hike, the Figure 8 Pools, and the Blue Mountains.

Palm Beach Hike: Sydney

PS. You can spot these colorful lorikeets outside of the Boathouse at Palm Beach!


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