Amsterdam: The Finale

On my last day in Amsterdam, Jacky was determined to get everything on my bucket list crossed off. We started off the day with a canal tour.


The tour went through the canals of Amsterdam, which is especially amazing during the winter time as they have the Amsterdam light festival. There were tons of displays that we got to see up close.


The bridges, buildings, and houseboats were especially cool to see from water level.


We had a great time on the tour, basically just laughing hysterically at all of the tourists taking pictures nonstop. Seriously, all you could hear through out the boat was cameras clicking. We watched this one guy a few rows ahead of us take about 566849 selfies, and at one point it looked like he was pointing the camera at us, so we smiled. He noticed what we were doing, thought it was funny, and then took a picture of us.


After the canal tour, we were starving! Sitting on a boat for an hour really works up an appetite. Jacky found a vegan restaurant close by. Thank god for yelp, because I am not that pleasant when I’m hungry. We were able to get in the restaurant and eat pretty quickly. I had a vegan “chickn” burger, which was really good. I don’t usually eat processed fake meats but I was starving and it sounded good.


Next, we headed to the Christmas neighborhood market. It was only going on for one weekend, so we had to stop by! There were rumors of lots of vegan food there. I was not disappointed when we arrived! There were lots of vegan options, but I ended up choosing an indian curry with rice. If you know me well, you know I am overly obsessed with rice. I was craving it this day!





We found a place that had organic wine also! I tried a glass with my curry. It was great!


By the time we got out of the neighborhood market, we were exhausted. We had walked a ton. We took a tram back to the apartment and went to sleep early, as I was going to Bruges (Belgium) the next day!



  1. Jacky P.
    December 23, 2015 / 6:02 pm

    Awesome post! 😉 really loved reading it and was such a good time… we should have asked the guy on the boat to send us the picture which he took of us, haha!

    • December 23, 2015 / 6:09 pm

      I was totally thinking about that when I wrote this! At least we have our selfies 🙂

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