Copenhagen: Part 2

Copenhagen: Part 2

This is Part 2 of my time in Copenhagen, Denmark. To read Part 1, click here.

Luckily, I survived the jet lag from Day 1 in Copenhagen. I spent the next two days doing these super cool things:


Day 2: The Church Tower & Christiana

I started off day 2 with coffee from Baresso, which is the local version of Starbucks. They are everywhere in Copenhagen, so I had to try it! I got an Americano. They gave me a huge one, which worked out well for what was to come. Maybe they knew what kind of day I was getting in to.

I took my coffee to go and headed toward the Church of Our Savior, which is an amazing church. The architecture is incredible. There is a tower that goes super high up and you can get a great view of the city from there. Side note: you are climbing extremely narrow and steep staircases to get up there. No one gave me this warning, but luckily I’m one tough girl.

It was worth climbing all those stairs once I reached the top.


That’s what I’m talking about.


It was freezing up there! I thought my hat was actually going to blow off of my head. Thankfully I had my massive cuppa coffee to keep me warm.

I decided to head over to Rosenburg Garden & Castle next, but I was starting to get hit hard again by jet lag. I walked through the gardens, but didn’t have the energy to walk through the castle. I decided to stop by the grocery store and head home for the afternoon/night. I ate bread and hummus for dinner before dying of exhaustion. I ended up sleeping 17 hours that night. Amanda=1, Jet lag=0.

Day 3: All the Cool Things 

After seeing all of the touristy destinations, I wasn’t sure where to go next. Luckily, Jeppe had time to spend with me on Saturday! As a local, he knows of all the cool places that most tourists don’t know to visit. First, we went to a park called Superkilen – it has a really cool concept behind it. It was designed by a famous Danish architect who goes by his initials, BIG. He took pieces from around the world and put them all together in this huge, functional park.


It is separated into sections – black, green, and red.


It is really fun to see and play around on. It might be a little more fun in the summer, when it is dry and warm, but I would definitely recommend checking this out. My pictures do NOT do it justice.

Next, we went by a Christmas market and a huge graveyard. I didn’t get very many good pictures of this, but the graveyard was really gorgeous, and the market was so fun. I’m not usually a seeker of graveyards, but this one was superbly done, and had a few famous philosophers buried in it.


Post-graveyard, we needed a little pick me up, so we headed to the “food hall” as Jeppe calls it. It reminded me of the Oxbow Market in Napa; it is a huge building with a lot of little markets inside. We scurried around and tried samples from all of the vendors before settling down at a cafe table with warm drinks. I tried my first glogg, which is a Danish holiday drink made of mulled red wine with almonds, raisins and warming spices. It was very good, I would definitely recommend trying it out!

After the glogg, we needed some real food, so we headed to Riz Razz Steaks and Veggies, which has a vegetarian/vegan buffet. I was so happy to get my fill of fresh vegetables and pita bread with hummus.  I have a serious obsession with hummus.


On the way there, we walked over a canal as the sun was setting. It was amazing.


Next we headed to a jazz bar, where I had my first Danish Christmas beer. Yum! Coupled with a live band and a warm venue, it was the perfect ending to the night.



  1. Lori
    December 3, 2015 / 1:07 pm

    What a great idea to post pics and info on all of your adventures! I’m so excited and proud of you for living the dream? and sharing it threw your eyes! It’s been so fun for all if your family and friends. Papa us really enjoying following you as well, he says he thinks you should become a writer ! I agree with him, you have always been gifted that way. It’s great to see you enjoy yourself on your travels! I have to say I’m truly excited to spend travel time with you in Costa Rica! It’s gonna be a small taste of what my girlies had been experiencing, I’m so looking forward to vacationing with all of my super fun Girlies!!! ? I love you my Mandi girl! Safe travels. Xoxo

  2. December 6, 2015 / 4:22 pm

    You have a great eye for photographs Amanda. I’m loving how I am able to actually see where you’ve been venturing to. What a great Sunday morning read. 🙂

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