Copenhagen: Part 1

Copenhagen: Part 1

I landed in Copenhagen, Denmark at 3 PM on Wednesday. I was so excited to explore this city, as I’ve been freakishly obsessed with Nyhaven (the gorgeous canal pictured above) for quite a while. Here was what I did in the first day in Copenhagen:

Day 1 : All My Dreams Come True / A Very Intense Day 

I started off Thursday morning by walking toward downtown to explore.


I stopped at THE CUTEST coffee (“kaffe” in Danish) place on the way there.

How adorable is this?!


I loved their cozy atmosphere, and the guy behind the counter was an older guy wearing an American Eagle t-shirt. I felt right at home! I found the local paper to read about the shitstorm on Facebook. What a catastrophe!


After my super black (but rather bright tasting) coffee, I was off to find my dream place, Nyhaven. I had to stop at a few places first though. Just before crossing the bridge, I came across a little feeding pond with SWANS. I just about died, as I’ve never seen swans in their natural habitat. So I took about three thousand pictures.


Post-photoshoot, I was back on my way downtown – or to the “city center,” as the locals call it. It wasn’t long before I came across another canal with swans and had to take three thousand more pictures. I was slowly getting closer – this was Christiana canal.


The swans are just breath taking. The canal is pretty cute too.


But I needed to soldier on!

FINALLY, I came across Nyhaven. I was secretly jumping with joy inside, but I contained myself enough to attract only minimal attention.


After that bout of excitement, I wasn’t sure what could rival the beautiful and epic Nyhaven. I had read about Kastellet, the oldest operating military base in Denmark. It is shaped like a star, which is what really got me. So off I went in search of Kastellet. I came across a few statues like the one below; these are scattered all over the city.


Eventually, I came across Kastellet. When you walk inside, there are a few buildings that you can actually go in to. Score! I found this church and headed in.



It was adorable! I love the circle lights.

Next, I found a cannon. I have never seen one of these in real life before. It was a little eerie but very interesting.


I walked along the perimeter of the star and found something extra Danish: an adorable windmill. Just precious.


This super sweet church was also chillin on the perimeter. It was very photogenic.


I knew that since I was at Kastellet, I had to go by the Little Mermaid. It is super close, basically on the grounds of Kastellet. It’s usually super packed with tourists, but since I’m really smart and decided to go in the off-season, I got a pic all by myselfie.


Crushed that.

After so many selfies, I had worked up an appetite. I found a sandwich place that had a few vegan options on the menu. This was very exciting to me.


I got a falafel sandwich with hummus and veggies. It was as good as it looks. Definitely hit the spot. After my sandwich, I headed home to take a chill pill and slowly die from jet lag.

Did I survive? You will have to wait for the epic Part 2 to find out!



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