Frankfurt, Germany

Things went a little south in Southern Germany – the home that I was supposed to stay in for a week was WAY too eccentric for me. I’m talking about open nudity (of a 60+ year old man that I had just met) and being spoken to mostly in German (I am trying to learn but so far I only know “hello” and “I’d like to order a coffee”). So I took a train up to Frankfurt for a few days! I am excited to see more of Germany than I originally intended. I booked an Airbnb for three nights, and spent some time wandering through a very foggy Frankfurt. The first day started off a little chilly, about 1 degree celsius. I wandered through the neighborhoods toward the city center.


I stopped in at a bakery for a cup of coffee. The young man working behind the counter asked me a few times if I wanted anything else, but I’d already eaten, so I just got the coffee. He was telling me about how they make the breads and how great they are, and then gave me a little sample of some pizza bites to try out. They were fantastic!



Next, I strolled past the University of Frankfurt. I only saw the main building, but it was pretty impressive!

PC080054.jpgWhen I got closer to the city center, I came across the stunning opera house. The architecture in Germany just blows my mind. The detailing is incredible.


I wandered through yet another Christmas market; this one was selling vegan food!



Through the park and toward the river we go!




Finally, I arrived at the river. I spotted another swan, and it spotted me, too. He actually seemed to really like me, and he started making his way toward me.


He got real close! Just call me the animal whisperer.



After that bought of excitement, it was off to find the tower that I could climb up for panoramic views. The tower is super tall, so it was easy to find, as I could see the top of it from almost anywhere.


I climbed all 328 steps to get to the top. And then the fog rolled in. Yay! Perfect timing. :/




I spent the rest of the day looking around the shops, where it was nice and warm. I also stopped in a Starbucks – the Starbucks’ in Europe have vegan options for breakfast and lunch! No wimpy salads either – I got a falafel wrap which was amazing. It is super exciting for me to know of a place that I can find anywhere and get vegan food. 🙂 All in all, a great day in Frankfurt!