Hamburg, Germany: Part 3

My last day in Hamburg was perfect. I slept in, then Svenja and I had brunch before hitting the town. I had been eating vegan sausages for breakfast every day (weird?), and today was no exception. Vegan sausage + coffee + tangerine = one happy Amanda.

Anyway, we got ready, put on matching hats, took a selfie, then hit the town. Still a little learning to do with the camera.


Before going into the city, we stopped by the local farmers market. This one vendor was selling apples with little designs on them! She put a sticker on each one, and the sun didn’t brighten the spot where the sticker was. Before she put them out for sale, she took the stickers off. Genius!


So cool. And, as always, I am obsessed with the flower carts.



After our walk through, we hopped on the next bus and took off toward the warehouse district. I get most excited about the weirdest things in each city, and in Hamburg I really wanted to find the one building that stands alone in the water. I’d seen it in pictures but I hadn’t been able to find it on my own. Luckily I had my tour guide, Svenja, for the day. Which means we (she) found it, of course.




I got a nice touristy picture. And then we attempted the selfie mode on the camera again. If anyone knows how to take a selfie using a digital camera without it being blurry, please enlighten me.


Following the epic stand alone building, we wandered around downtown. We got some coffee, hit up the ice skating park (to watch the kids, not to skate ourselves!), and then wandered down to the touristy shop so I could get a postcard for Jeppe. We walked past a mini castle, and I asked Svenja what it was. I thought it must be some really fancy government thing?


I was kind of right. It was the police station. A pretty fancy police station, if you ask me. I snapped a quick pic and then we took off, because we were on a mission. One of the things I was most excited to do, go to my first European brewery!


I got a taster tray, which comes with five little tasters. Luckily I got a couple pictures, because my camera battery died immediately after this picture. I think it was a signal to enjoy the moment!


The beers were all very good, the IPA was my favorite (no surprise).

It was a great ending to my time in Hamburg!


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