Sunday In Sweden

Sunday In Sweden

I was feeling a little restless. I needed a change of scenery. So what do you do in this situation? Go to another country for a day!

Jeppe and Estelle told me that I could get to Malmo, Sweden from Copenhagen in less than one hour. Sign me up! I decided on Saturday night that I would like to go there the next day. Jeppe helped me look up tickets, he gave me very detailed instructions on how to get to the bus, and I convinced myself that I could do this without getting lost. And by some kind of miracle, I made it there without missing any buses!


Malmo had A TON of Christmas trees, lights, carolers, they even had a Christmas parade in the square! There was a Christmas fair going on with a giant snow globe containing light up reindeer, penguins, and Christmas trees. The other igloo had “ice cubes” to sit on to watch a live band. Way to go, Sweden!


Of course I made friends with the live reindeer.


I mostly wanted to see the Malmo castle, which has recently been turned into a museum. There were quite a few exhibits on display, my favorite being one about sustainability. They talked about everything that Sweden is doing to become more sustainable, which I am all about.


I loved seeing the castle and going inside. I felt like I belong there. (ahem, insert princess emoji here)


After the castle, I roamed around the city center for a bit. There were heaps of shops and Christmas decorations. Some of the shops were closed because it was Sunday.


I am so amazed by the buildings – they are all massive!


Malmo also has a canal running around the city center – and you know how I feel about canals!


After walking through the city center, I went over to the harbor to watch the sun set over the Baltic Sea. It was cloudy, so not much of a sunset, but the harbor is beautiful! I love the lighthouse out there.


My arms were getting tired from all of the selfies by this time, so I went inside Central Station and had a good look around. I popped into the bookshop, bought a book, and then had a nice long read with a cup of tea. The sun sets around 4 PM here, which I am still getting used to, but it makes for cozy nights.

Next up – Germany! Stay tuned 🙂





  1. December 6, 2015 / 4:26 pm

    Awww Sweden is the cutest! I went there in wintertime too, though not to Malmö, and I went after the holidays. Apparently I missed out on all the adorable Christmas fun.

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