Favorite Moments in Dominical, Costa Rica

Dominical was a dream. It was 10 days of complete paradise. Even though I’ve moved on to Puerto Viejo now, I can’t get over how beautiful Dominical was. Let’s relive it!

I stayed in this INSANE vacation home with my mom and two sisters. It was in a cloud forest but also less than a 10 min drive to the beach. It was a three bed, three bath, two story house with a fully furnished kitchen (you know we used that blender every day) and a super cute living room.


My most favorite part of this house was the pool. It was an infinity pool overlooking the cloud forest behind Dominical.



The water was always warm, the waterfall was flowing, and I was swimming. When I wasn’t swimming, I was in this incredible hammock. Seriously. How could this get any better?!



I’ll tell you how it gets better – WILD ANIMALS.

We went by the Manuel Antonio National Park for a day of beaching and watching the white faced capuchin monkeys. They liked to steal people’s food. Which was adorable, and “harmful to their behavior” (quoted by the sign at the park). The security people didn’t like the monkeys eating peoples food, but the monkeys sure did. We watched them steal an avocado, a banana, and a mango. Cute little thieves.



The beach at the park wasn’t too bad, either. The water was warm, the waves were rolling, and the water turned out to be a great viewing point to watch the monkeys torment the picnic eaters.



Obviously I wasn’t the first one with that idea.

After the monkeys, we saw CROCS. Not the shoes – actual crocodiles. In a river. Ready to kill. We didn’t actually see them kill anything, but we saw them and that was enough.


This was their home, but they didn’t take photography well. They were in there though; I saw them moving and snapping their teeth.

Another thing that didn’t hurt: incredible sunsets.


Not bad, Costa Rica. Not bad at all. It was a great family vacation – my only regrets being (1) I didn’t get any pictures of the four of us on my camera, and (2) we didn’t stay longer. 🙂

I don’t often want to go back to places (mostly because I prefer to explore new places than go back to places I’ve already been), but I would definitely go back here.


Stay tuned for the complete opposite side of Costa Rica (literally) – I’ve moved from the Pacific to the Caribbean side!

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    March 17, 2016 / 11:57 pm

    Awesomesauce!!! ^_^

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