Cornwall Park

After spending some time in the city of Auckland, surrounded by stores and supermarkets, I was craving some serious sun and outdoors time. Luckily, my friend Natalie has been living in Auckland for a bit longer than I have, and she suggested we head to the lovely Cornwall Park. I jumped at the chance, and on an overcast Saturday in Auckland, we grabbed a coffee and headed to the park.

Cornwall Park

Cornwall Park, Auckland

We parked near the cafe and nearly dove out of the car, cameras in hand (Natalie is into photography as well). As soon as I spotted cows, I picked up my pace. Once we located the walking trail, we headed into the pasture using the rocky pathway.

Cornwall Park, AucklandCornwall Park, Auckland

My excitement to pet a cow came to a plummeting halt as soon as I noticed signs to stay away from the cows. We did notice a slight gap in the rules, as some of the cows were positioned near the walkway, making it impossible to stay on the walkway and away from the cows at the same time. I took my chances with a baby calf first, hoping that I would have a magical Snow White moment.

Cornwall Park, Auckland

I had no such luck. The adorable little calf ran away from me. My vegan powers did not appear to work on this animal. Next, I made a move on a more experienced four legged creature.

Cornwall Park, Auckland

I had even less luck with that one. As soon as I got closer, the cow went to get up. I wasn’t taking any chances at getting charged by a cow today, so we decided to make a move.

Cornwall Park is massive and filled with grass, trees, cows, and sheep. It’s the perfect place to walk around with a friend for a good chat. Or just sit down and have a picnic with a nice bottle of white and enjoy the day.

Cornwall Park, AucklandCornwall Park, AucklandCornwall Park, AucklandCornwall Park, Auckland

I highly recommend going in the spring, when the flowers are in bloom and the grass is bright green. Spring also appears to be mating season, so you may accidentally spy on some intimate animal moments.

After the narrow escape from the cow field, we wandered over to the sheep pen. The sheep were even less friendly than the cows, but they were extra fluffy and rather cute.

Cornwall Park, AucklandCornwall Park, AucklandCornwall Park, Auckland

Cornwall Park Cafe

After some intense sheep watching, we decided to get our relaxing on at the cafe.Cornwall Park, Auckland

We ordered up some drinks and chips and had a good catch up.

Cornwall Park, Auckland

One Tree Hill

Before heading home, we made sure to make a stop at One Tree Hill. The views from the top are nothing short of spectacular, though the wind chill did make me want to put on a scarf and beanie, pronto.

Cornwall Park, Auckland

Cornwall Park, Auckland

Cornwall Park is one of the best places to take a break from the energy of the city to just relax, have a coffee, and catch up with a good friend. I definitely look forward to going back many times during my stay in Auckland.

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