Paradise by Motoribike: Ometepe, Nicaragua

To get to Ometepe from Managua, we took two buses, a taxi, and a ferry. 


It was so worth it though! Once we landed on the island, we rented a motorbike. Motorbikes are the best way to get around, as the island is pretty big and there aren’t a lot of taxis once you get out of the port town. We rented this sweet bike in Myogalpa, and then headed to our airbnb. 


The main highway was so fun to drive on, as it was beautiful and the road was even and paved. Once we made the turnoff to our airbnb, however, I got a bit nervous. The farther we drove, the more sandy it became. It isn’t easy to drive a motorbike in the sand. We made it to the house with minimal damage, though! 


Once we got to the house, we wandered down by the lake and checked out the neighborhood. It was so adorable! There were animals everywhere – dogs, cats, cows, chickens, horses, even pigs. 




There was a lady that worked at the airbnb, cleaning and cooking. We had our own private chef! She spoke only spanish, but luckily I know enough to tell her that we are vegan and we like beans and rice and veggies. She made us fruit salads in the mornings with coffee. It was so wonderful having someone cook for us – I’ve never experienced anything like that. 

We took the motorbike to Altagracia the first day – it was a bit far and had a beach. I wanted to go to the farthest beaches to drive the motorbike more. I think I got a bit obsessed with it! After driving down a pretty sketchy looking sand-and-rock road in the middle of farms, we came across a deserted beach. We could see one of the two volcanoes on the island from the beach – this was was Volcan Concepcion. 


Not too shabby of a place to hang out for the day! We spent most of the day here.



The next day, we headed to Santo Domingo – it’s the more touristy area of beaches. We were shocked at what we found. 


A vegan restaurant! On an island in Nicaragua! It felt like a miracle. We stayed here for the day; between the beach, the restaurant, and the daunting task of communicating with the local kids to build the best sand castle, we were pretty busy. 



All in all, Ometepe was a dream. It is warm, the beaches are incredible, and is there a more fun way to get around than driving a motorbike?! I would definitely recommend Ometepe to anyone looking to get a taste of Nicaragua. 



  1. Lori
    March 3, 2016 / 3:00 am

    ? I’m so happy you and your sister are having wonderful adventures together. What awesome lifelong memories for you both. I’m loving all of the info and pics you are posting, really fun, as if we are all traveling along. I’m so looking forward to seeing you two soon, making new adventures ourselves! Love you miss you and see you soon!xoxoxo Momsies

  2. March 6, 2016 / 4:06 pm

    The sights are so dreamy, especially accompanied by the use of a motorbike. I especially love the picture with the volcano in the background. ?

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