The Feeling of Berlin


Berlin has such an incredible energy to it. The people are bustling around, but everyone is so friendly. The city is filled with happy people. It feels safe and creative and inspiring.

I spent my time in Berlin mostly in vegan cafes, stores, and restaurants. My purpose of going to Berlin was not to be a tourist, but to explore the vegan cafes and restaurants.

I did go to the Holocaust museum, which was a little hard to handle. I wandered through the museum, reading stories about the families killed in the Holocaust. I felt so terrified and sad and mad and upset. After I left the museum, I meandered my way to the information center. There was an older couple in there asking about a cathedral. I followed them to the “cathedral,” which turned out to be a room of silence. I sat in the room of silence for about an hour. It was so incredible to be in a room of complete silence, and be able to think and not think. I worked on clearing my mind. I had just watched “Eat, Pray, Love” the night before, so I had been thinking about meditation. If you meditate, please leave me some tips in the comments!!

The next day, I headed to the Berlin wall. The East Side Gallery is the largest intact portion of the Berlin wall that is still standing, and the city asked artists to create murals on the wall. The art was incredible and beautiful.


Berlin is an incredible city, and I hope to spend more time here someday soon!


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