My Favorite Things in Northern California

What to Do In Sonoma County

As many of you know, I originate from Northern California. I came home for a few months to see my family in between stints of travel, and I was so excited to do some of my favorite things at home again. This is everything that I was looking forward to – all of the best things to do in Northern California.

1. Wine Tasting 

I’m from the wine country, so of course I love a good glass of wine. I don’t drink much while traveling, but I studied wine for years before leaving the wine industry to explore the world. Whenever I come home, one of the first things on my to-do list is to stop at a winery.

To Do in Northern California Wine Tasting

2. Whole Foods

Though my family primarily shops at Costco (it’s the American way), I am a huge fan of Whole Foods. It’s like heaven for vegans. One of my favorite past times is heading to Whole Foods for a GT’s Kombucha and a vegan doughnut.

What to do in Northern California Whole Foods

what to do in Northern California Whole Foods

3. Drink A Pliny

If you’re a beer fan (like I am), and you’re from Sonoma County (like I am), you’ll know that Pliny the Elder – from Russian River Brewery – is one of the best beers in Sonoma County. It’s a triple IPA and tastes like jasmine. I love it, and I especially love going to Korbel Winery to get it – this way I can have a Pliny (they have it on tap at the deli at Korbel), and my mom can get her bubbles!

What to do in Sonoma County

4. Take A Hike

I love hiking, and Sonoma County has some of the best hiking trails in California. I hike regularly when I’m home, usually at least 4 days a week. The trails here go for miles, are hilly, and have top notch views. There are so many trails in Sonoma County, and even more if you’re willing to venture out.

what to do in Northern California

5. Eating All the Vegan Foods

California is one super vegan-friendly place – and it’s great to go somewhere where I already know of so many of the best vegan places. I’ve been trying a lot of vegan foods from the supermarket, and I’m working on a list of the best vegan places in Sonoma County. If you’re into vegan food, check out my vegan food account on Instagram.

What to do in Sonoma County

6. All the heart melting things

It was amazing to see my family after being away for so long. I talked to most of them almost every day while being away, but I’ve always been close to my family so it’s very heartwarming for me to be able to see them every day.

What to do in Sonoma County

I was also so excited to see my cat, Raja – my parents have been taking care of him. I got to meet my sister’s dog, Chubs, again – I haven’t seen him since he was a puppy!What to do in Sonoma County What to do in Sonoma County

These are just a few of my favorite things about Northern California. There is so much to see and do here, I can’t wait to share more in the upcoming weeks.

Let me know – have you been to Northern California? What are your favorite things about this state?




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