Wandering around Managua, Nicaragua

My sister Breanna and I made it to Nicaragua! Our first stop was one and a half days in Managua, where the main airport is. After three flights, two layovers, a celebrity sighting in LAX, and a vegan meal gone wrong, we landing in Managua around 7PM.

We got our passports stamped, connected to wifi, and figured out where we were going. We got a cab to our hosts house. Breanna was excited to try couch surfing for her first time. Once we got to the house, it was pretty late – around 10:30PM. We chatted with our host JC for a while; he is Nicaraguan but lived in the US for a long time. He is now an English teacher in Managua and lives with his wife, her brother and his wife. He is the only one in the family who speaks english, which was a great opportunity for me to work on my spanish! Their family was so kind and welcoming.


I am so excited to explore Nicaragua with my sister for a bit. It’s her first time in a third-world country, so it was a bit of a culture shock for her. It was exciting to talk about life in Nicaragua with JC versus the US.


We fell asleep so quickly, and I slept for 9 hours. I felt so much better when I woke up! JC had coffee made, which we tried with some local fruits. It was so delicious. After a day walking around the university and trying out a cafe, we walked around the neighborhood to enjoy the beauty of Nicaragua.


It was a balmy 85 degrees with a tiny bit of humidity. Just my style!


The neighborhood was lush, green, and filled with flowers and random chickens. It seemed as if everyone had a dog, and they were usually walked sans leash. The roads were uneven and the houses all had huge walls with fences and even barbed wire to keep people out. It was interesting to see such a different way of life. The locals are very friendly, though! Everyone said hi as we were walking around.



We watched the sun set while we were walking through the neighborhood. It was just stunning!


We had a great first day in Nicaragua!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next post – what happened on Ometepe!


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