5 Tips To Prevent Travel Burnout

Ever feel like you just keep packing your bag, moving around, taking the same photos as everyone else, and are constantly exhausted? Even worse, have you ever been sitting in your hostel or airbnb room, and realized you are just sick of travel? Welcome to travel burnout – it’s a thing, and I’ve experienced travel burnout a few times. Here are five tips on how to prevent travel burnout.

How to Prevent Travel Burnout

How to Prevent Travel Burnout

1. Take Breaks

It’s important to realize the importance of slowing down while traveling. Though it’s really common to try to fit as much as possible into one trip, take some time to appreciate and observe your surroundings, and really just soak in the environment. While traveling through Europe, I decided once I arrived exhausted in Berlin, that I was going to do whatever I wanted.

How to Prevent Travel Burnout

I threw out my list of tourist attractions to visit, and instead spent my time in the most beautiful bookstores, going to parks, and eating at the best vegan restaurants with my couchsurfing host (who quickly became my good friend!). This ended up being one of my favorite experiences throughout my time in Europe, and I’ll never regret prioritizing self care over touristy photos.

2. Travel Slower

Taking a bit more time to get from place to place, and spending more time in each city or town is what helps me prevent travel burnout. It can be exhausting to hop on bus after bus, train or plane, only to do it again in a couple of days. In my experience, I’ve had success to prevent travel burnout when I have less places on my itinerary. Being able to have a base to travel from is helpful for some people as well.

How to Prevent Travel Burnout

Lately, I’ve been doing working holiday visas, and staying in one place for a while. This year, I’ll be based in Auckland for nine months – longer than I’ve stayed anywhere in the last two years! Traveling a bit slower not only allows you to see more of the country, it’s helpful for replenishing the bank account, and relieving the stress of fitting everything in to a short time.

3. Schedule relaxing activities

Taking time out of the hustle and bustle of traveling to indulge in a little pampering never hurt anyone. I like to take an afternoon to have a long lunch, an entire morning in a coffee shop, or an entire day by the pool. Other good ideas: a spa day, an afternoon in the park with a good book, a nice museum, or my favorite, an hour long massage.

How to Prevent Travel Burnout

4. Stay Somewhere Comfortable

I was really tight with my budget when I first set off through Europe. I couchsurfed almost the entire three months. Though it was fun, after a while, I was really craving some alone time. It is important to put your comfort as your number one priority, especially while traveling. You’re already going so far out of your comfort zone in so many other areas of your life – make sure you have somewhere safe and comfy to return to at night.

How to Prevent Travel Burnout

5. Create a Routine

Sometimes we miss the routine of home. When you’re constantly on the go and your surroundings are always changing, routine can be something to look forward to. Carrying a favorite mug to drink your coffee in every day, or starting a healthy travel morning routine can be just what you need to cure your travel burnout.

These are five simple tips to prevent travel burnout. Travel burnout is a reality, but these five tips will help you avoid it, keep you on the road, and help you make the most of your trip.




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  1. February 8, 2018 / 7:42 am

    Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy my vacation from vacation the most whenever I travel. Great way to slow down my travels.

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