How to Eat Well While Travelling

How to Eat Well While Travelling

Confession time: I am overly obsessed with being healthy. Not to the point where it’s a problem, but to the point where I refuse to put nasty chemical laden crap in my body. So how can one stay healthy on the road? Here are my best tips to keeping your body and health on point while travelling:

1. Do your research. If at all possible, do some research before you head out the door. I’m vegan, so I use apps such as Happy Cow or even just google searches for vegan or vegetarian restaurants in the area I’m staying. This is so helpful! Many countries are already mostly vegetarian or are very vegetarian friendly (Thailand was super veggie friendly).

2. Learn key words. While I was travelling in Thailand, I met a few vegans who had learned the Thai word meaning vegan. They taught it to me, and it was so helpful. I ended up finding quite a few very good vegetarian and vegan restaurants and frequented those during my stay.

3. Go for the vegetable based dishes. You can’t go wrong with fresh spring rolls or a nice hummus plate. Yummmmms. Even meat serving restaurants should have something that can be healthified.

4. Or the starches. I could write another entire blog post about this. Carbohydrates are your body’s preferred energy source. I feel so amazing after eating a big meal of rice and veggies. The best thing about this lifestyle is the energy that I get from it, but the convenience is a very close second.

5. Ask around. Ask locals or your host where they recommend to get healthy food. They always know the best places!

6. Don’t underestimate the grocery stores or markets. I love getting food from fruit markets or grocery stores and hoarding it in my room like I’m preparing for the apocalypse. There is nothing wrong with stocking up on the good stuff!

Did I forget anything? Leave your tips and tricks for eating healthy while travelling in the comments below!




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