What to do in Quarantine: 71 Productive, (Mostly) Free Activities

What to do in Quarantine

What to do in Quarantine: 71 Productive Activities To Come Out of Quarantine Better Off

Wondering what to do in quarantine? Most of the world is currently quarantined inside of their homes. While we all love a good Netflix binge session, there is only so much TV watching one person can take – and for me, that isn’t much. I’ve compiled this list of things to do at home that are productive, (mainly) free, and will make you come out of quarantine feeling like you actually made some good life decisions. Here are 71 ideas of what to do in quarantine:

  1. Clean out and organize your pantry
  2. Clean out your fridge
  3. Containers: match up lids & containers, get rid of odd ones
  4. Clean and organize your bathroom cabinets
  5. Clean out your closet
  6. Living Room Cabinets/Chests
  7. Organize towels & linen cabinets (maybe even learn how to fold a fitted sheet)
  8. Declutter your shoes
  9. Declutter Bathing Suits/Undergarments
  10. Socks: Match all of your socks and get rid of odd ones
  11. Go through your books, donate ones you don’t need anymore
  12. Clean out and organize your nightstand
  13. Wipe down window sills
  14. Whiten your teeth (if you have whitening strips/gels)
  15. Full at home manicure & pedicure
  16. Check your skin for new spots
  17. Shave your legs
  18. Moisturize your whole body
  19. Exfoliate face/body
  20. Use up all of your face masks
  21. Hair masks: use up what you have or make some
  22. Super extra skin care: lip scrubs, 24-step korean skin care, etc
  23. Learn some new makeup techniques on Youtube
  24. Clean all of your makeup brushes & sponges
  25. Get rid of any old/unused makeup and nail polishes
  26. Declutter your makeup collection
  27. Clean makeup bag: throw in the washing machine
  28. Wipe down baseboards and plugs
  29. Finally finish all of your laundry
  30. Make Pinterest boards of how you’d like to organize/decorate your home
  31. Water all of your houseplants
  32. Make a pretty schedule of when to water your houseplants
  33. Clean the leaves of your houseplants (should be doing this every 3-6 months)
  34. Fill up a spray bottle & start spraying leaves of plants
  35. Make Pinterest boards for plant ideas/edible balcony
  36. Journal/morning pages
  37. Go for a walk every day
  38. Yoga/stretching
  39. Get into Meditation
  40. Improve your Cooking: try to master 2-3 new recipes
  41. Read all of the books you own that you haven’t read yet
  42. Make a vision board
  43. Write out your goals and how you plan to achieve them
  44. Do a puzzle
  45. Wipe down all of your electronic devices (phone, tablets, computers)
  46. Make a financial plan (or update your current one!)
  47. Facetime/Skype your far away family
  48. Get to know the people you live with better
  49. Drinks over facetime with friends
  50. Try out new wines and make a list of ones you like
  51. Email an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a while
  52. Reconnect with friends on Facebook/Instagram/Linked In
  53. Learn how to make a really good cocktail (aperol spritz, anyone?!)
  54. Sign up for an online class to master a skill or learn some new ones
  55. Learn photography techniques from Youtube
  56. Organize your photo/tech storage
  57. Declutter current monthly subscriptions
  58. Try to drink all of the tea that you own (not all at once, though!)
  59. Learn how to make cold brew coffee
  60. Use any carpet cleaner and deep clean your carpet
  61. Learn how to make cleaning products at home
  62. Learn how to do lymphatic drainage massage (great for de-puffing your face)
  63. Make a big list of books you want to read
  64. Join a book club
  65. Join a meetup group
  66. Find a new way to exercise (jazzercise, anyone?)
  67. Connect with your facebook groups
  68. Start that thing you’ve been thinking about trying (learning photography, starting a blog, etc)
  69. List all of the small businesses you’d like to support in the future
  70. Properly disinfect your home 
  71. Make a list of places you want to travel to once this is over! (& tell me in the comments!)

I’d love to hear how you are handling this isolation, how you are staying connected, and what you are doing during this time! Let me know in the comments below.




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