Expectations Versus Reality: Minimalist Traveling

Expectations versus Reality: Minimalist Traveling

After catching up with my family in California, it was time for me to hop on a plane to start my working visa in New Zealand. I packed up my little 28L Cabin Zero backpack and headed to the airport.

I’ve seen so many fashion bloggers get that epic travel photo in front of the airport with their suitcase and their long legs. I decided to try out my own version, because Michael had a suitcase and I thought I could look refined.

This is what I usually expect to look like at the airport as a minimalist:

Expectations versus Reality: Minimalist Traveling

But in reality, I have a backpack, a purse, a water bottle (which is always out), a camera, a jacket, and sometimes even more miscellaneous things.

This is usually what I end up looking more like:

Expectations versus Reality: Minimalist Traveling

The wind seems to always be blowing, I never put my hair up when I should, and though I could pack everything in my backpack, I always keep things out to be accessible. It’s a miracle I haven’t lost my head yet.

Though I feel like I’ve mastered minimalist packing, I haven’t yet mastered the suave airport entry.

Expectations versus Reality: Minimalist Traveling

I am proud that I was able to fit all of my belongings into a 28 liter backpack.

Stay tuned for a post all about what I packed!



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