Last Minute [Minimalist] Gift Ideas

Last Minute [Minimalist] Gift Ideas

It’s almost Christmas! While I’m living an endless summer (currently in Western Australia) and it doesn’t feel Christmas-y at all here, I got a massive reality check the other day when I came home to my housemate putting up a Christmas tree. I checked the calendar and it is less than one week until Christmas. Insane.

Though I don’t typically do presents or gifts for the holidays (I prefer spending time with people who I am close with, plus I travel full time so it’s difficult to have a conventional Christmas), I appreciate that others do. For this reason, I put together a minimalist gift guide [for last minute gift-givers]. As a minimalist, if I were to give gifts, these are the type of gifts I would love to give – and receive!

  1. Give the gift of EXPERIENCE. You really can’t go wrong gifting someone with an experience. Has your brother always wanted to try skydiving? Get him a voucher to jump out of that plane. Your sister loves ice skating? Get her a season pass to the ice rink. Giving experiences is a gift anyone will enjoy. This year for Christmas, my parents are gifting me with a ticket to Rottnest Island – stay tuned for a blog post on that.
  2. Give a DIGITAL gift. This could be something like a digital photo album of memories, an iTunes playlist of songs that remind you of this person, or even a homemade video of you two. This gift really has the ability to tug at those heart strings.
  3. Give the gift of WORDS. I’m a sucker for a handwritten card or letter, and I’m sure most anyone would be thrilled to receive a nice long letter filled with things they are loved for. Bonus points if it’s a card and even extra bonus points if you can include artwork.
  4. Give the gift of TIME. This one is similar to experience based gifts, but now we are talking more about spending quality time together. To give the gift of time, I like to think about what the person really loves to do, and plan out a whole day when you can do it together! The main point of this gift is to spend some good, quality, one on one time together. It doesn’t have to be doing anything fancy – you can take some time out of your schedule to go to the beach, go for a long walk together, or even have this person over for a long cup of coffee or brunch. Pro tip: make sure you both turn your cell phones OFF during this time.
  5. Give the gift of something HOMEMADE. You really can’t compete with homemade gifts. And you really can’t claim that you can’t make anything, especially with the amount of DIY crafts on Pinterest. Some of my favorite things to make for friends (I am the least crafty person ever): hand painted wine glasses, body scrub, simple but cute paintings, or even try to make soap bars. If you are more of a foodie type, create a little basket with everything they would need to try a new recipe. Measure out spices, throw in the necessary grains, and wrap it up in a cute basket. Viola!

I hope my gift guide helps you out with any last minute gifts you still need to create. As I said, I don’t really do Christmas-specific gifts, but these are the types of gifts I like to give throughout the year to friends and family. I wish you a wonderful and very merry Christmas, and would love to hear in the comments below what you are gifting to your friends and family this year! 


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