Minimalist Packing Checklist

What I Pack for Around The World Travel

After traveling full time for over a year, I consider myself to be a bit of a pro on the subject of minimalist packing. I have been traveling carry-on-only this entire time, fitting my entire life into a 44L backpack. Packing for a long trip used to be a daunting and terrifying experience; now I can do it much quicker and stress-free with my handy minimalist packing checklist!

My ebook is full of information on packing, how to figure out what to bring for your destination and season, and how to fit everything you need into a carry on. Have you seen the book yet?

Minimalist Packing Checklist

My minimalist packing checklist is a list of the absolute necessities that I bring with me on every trip. I’ve taken a page from my e-book to show you my exact minimalist packing checklist. My essentials have stayed the same for the past year and a half of traveling. This whole time, I’ve carried the same essentials around the world.

Minimalist Packing Checklist

My Backpack

I use a Tortuga Around the World 44L backpack because it is specifically designed for travel, instead of loads of backpacks that I looked at that were designed for trekking or hiking. I’ve used the same backpack this entire time, and it’s held together perfectly after a lot of wear and tear – I really throw that thing around sometimes.

Minimalist Packing Checklist

Packing Necessities

I use packing cubes as well, as I really like the way they organize the bag. I like these ones, but any packing cubes would work. You could even use bags that you already have, such as reusable grocery bags, which could be useful once you reach your destination as well. The packing cubes work well for me because I like to be able to see what is inside.

As far as toiletries go, I use a clear, see through bag. As I said, I like to be able to see my stuff. This one has worked well for me, because I can take it into the bathroom and shower without worrying about my stuff getting wet. I’ve recently gotten really into the Zero Waste lifestyle. So, I’ve switched from plastic to bamboo toothbrushes, as they are better for the environment. I’ve also switched to all cruelty free toiletries (post coming soon on that one).

Minimalist Packing Checklist

For the Plane

I like to use a small backpack on the plane as my personal item to really maximize space. I’ll throw everything from my purse into this backpack. Then I add in everything on my list under airplane bag: my laptop, headphones, a cute notebook, pen, snacks, eye mask, ear plugs, and my camera (I used to use this one, but I recently bought this one). I also have a little document holder that holds my passport and important travel things, but can double as a wallet on your travels!

Side note: Unless you work online, it’s not necessary to bring a laptop with you on a short trip. Of course, you can if you want to! Loads of my friends and family travel without a laptop. It just depends on you and your lifestyle.

What do you think of my packing list? Anything that you would add or take away? Where is your next trip?

Minimalist Packing Checklist



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