“You’re so lucky”

“You’re so lucky”

I’ve been able to be a lot more open about my around the globe trip lately. I love telling people that I’m travelling the globe as it still kind of shocks me. I had always wanted to travel but I hadn’t ever created a plan to actually do it. Until now.

When I tell people about my trip, a very common reaction is – “Oh my gosh, you are so lucky! I wish I could do that. Someday I’ll travel.”

What is it that makes me “lucky”? I am aware that I have advantages that not everyone has. I don’t have kids, I am able to live with my parents rent-free, I have a job and a steady paycheck. All of these things I am extremely grateful for.

But even if you have to pay rent/have a dog/have red hair, you can travel too. I was lucky that I was able to cut my expenses so drastically to save a lot of money in a very short period of time. But there is nothing “lucky” about the way I did that. I cancelled my cell phone plan, I lived with my parents (and you know that isn’t easy), I rarely eat out, I don’t go out to bars or clubs, I don’t take weekend trips, I hardly ever buy books or clothes or expensive makeup. I consider myself a minimalist, which saves me a ton of money. But there is nothing that I did that you can’t do.

If you really want to go to Paris – create a savings account for it, make a deadline, automate your savings, and plan your trip. If you want to do an around the world trip – create a savings account, make a deadline, automate your savings, and plan your trip. There is nothing required to go on a trip other than dedication to your savings and a bit of planning.

Let me know in the comments where you would like to go!


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  1. violet ☺
    November 17, 2015 / 1:28 am

    This is so amazing Amanda! You are definitely inspirational. I am one of those that says Ohh i wish i could travel. But its more like i will travel….someday… I can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about it. I just showed Ryden your website and he’s excited as well! Maybe you will inspire him to travel the world someday! Who knows!!

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