Resources: What I Travel With

I get a lot of questions about the resources I use to keep me on the road. This is everything that I travel with.

If you follow me on Youtube (or have just gotten to know me from here or Instagram), you’ll know that I’m a minimalist. To me that means buying the highest quality of each thing I buy. This saves me money in the long term and reduces the risk of my stuff breaking down while on the road.

I do lots of research before buying anything. Because of this, I tend to be very happy with the things I carry around the world with me. Let’s get in to what I take with me around the globe!


I need a sturdy and durable backpack to carry my life around on my back. I am currently carrying the CabinZero 28 liter backpack in Naga Red. If this seems a bit small, that’s because it is, and I love it! This backpack is also the perfect size for a daypack, a hiking backpack, whatever you do in a day. It has a pocket for my laptop, a front pocket for easy access to my liquids (when going through security at the airport) or snacks (if I’m hiking), comfy padded straps and a durable design. P.S. Look for me on the CabinZero website 😉

Best Travel Backpack

As many of you know, I wasn’t always quite THIS minimalist. In my earlier days of travel, I was using the Tortuga 44L Around the World backpack. Though that one was great, I eventually moved to the CabinZero bag because I was walking around with everything I owned often enough to crave a less heavy bag. The bigger your bag, the more you’ll put into it!

Tortuga Around the World Backpack 44L

I highly recommend the Tortuga for first time travelers. It’s a great size when you aren’t used to minimalist packing.

To help make packing soooo much easier, I use the CabinZero packing cubes. Packing cubes are a serious life saver – they make packing easier, more organized, and I swear you can fit more clothes in when you use packing cubes instead of just throwing them in the suitcase.

In my backpack, I’m always carrying the following:


I am never without my 13 inch Macbook Pro. It’s light, reliable, and super high quality. I use my laptop daily for blogging, editing photos, and making Youtube videos. It wasn’t cheap, but it consistently outshines less expensive laptops. My macbook keeps me focused on the work I want to do, instead of dealing with annoying computer problems and viruses.

Best Laptop for Travel

If you’re looking into getting into blogging, I’ve made a page on the exact software I use to keep this sweet baby up and running! I’ve been blogging for over two years on this site, and many more years on other sites. I’ve been through a lot of trial and error, and learned a lot of valuable lessons. Everything I know about blogging, I’ve learned through my own research.


To take all of my travel photos (and Youtube videos), I use a Canon 70D. I am in love with this camera and it’s versatility. It definitely has it’s pros and cons: it’s expensive, heavy, and requires separate lenses for different types of photos. But the pros include very high quality photos – it’s a DSLR, good video, excellent focus.

If the Canon 70D is out of your price range (or just too intimidating), I started with an Olympus Pen. It’s a much easier camera to use, super beginner and a lot more compact. This camera takes excellent photos and also has great resolution.

To see my exact packing checklist and learn how to travel on a budget, my exact budgets from over 5 countries, and how I keep myself (and my stuff) safe on the road, check out my ebook.