Lentil As Anything: A Pay-As-You-Feel, Melbourne Vegan Restaurant

Are you looking for a good, inexpensive vegan restaurant in Melbourne? Lentil As Anything is a sustainable, all vegetarian (sometimes totally vegan) restaurant with locations throughout Melbourne. I live in the Northern suburbs, so I like to frequent their Thornbury location.

Lentil As Anything Thornbury, Vegan Melbourne

Located directly at tram stop 36 on route 86, Lentil As Anything (Thornbury branch) is an entirely vegan, non-profit, pay as you feel restaurant.

Pay-as-you-feel restaurants are picking up traction in Melbourne. This means that anyone can come in and eat a meal, whether you can afford to eat or not. If you can’t afford to pay for your meal, you don’t have to. If you can afford to pay for your meal, it’s good karma to do so – and pay it forward, if you can.

I like to go in, get a coffee and a meal, and throw $20 into the donation basket – this covers my meal and a meal for someone who can’t afford it.

Lentil As Anything Thornbury, Vegan Melbourne

Each Lentils location is unique in it’s own way – some of them have buffets, and some of them have servers. The Thornbury location has servers, who come take your order. This time, I opted for the winter lentil pie (on the bottom of the photo, with a lil pastry puff), and my friend got a winter curry with a daal wrap. I also got a soy latte, because… coffee.

Lentil As Anything Thornbury, Vegan Melbourne

Lentil as Anything consistently delivers amazing, high quality, healthy and tasty vegan food. Every time I leave, I have ideas for what I want to make next time I cook at home. It amazes me how much good this place does.

Lentil As Anything Thornbury, Vegan Melbourne

If you’re in Melbourne for a while, consider volunteering at Lentil As Anything! Other ways you can support are by donating goods or just spreading the word about this incredible restaurant via social media.

Lentil As Anything Thornbury, Vegan Melbourne

I’ve been to a few Lentils locations now, and though I’ll usually go to the closest, I would highly recommend taking a day trip out to Abbotsford and visiting the Lentils location there. They are located right next to a farm, where you can pet goats, sheep, and cows, if you’re lucky. The Abbotsford location also has a great outdoor area – a perfect place to go on a sunny Melbourne day.

Lentil As Anything Thornbury, Vegan Melbourne

I love Lentil As Anything and would highly recommend it to anyone spending time in Melbourne! For more vegan restaurant suggestions, check out my favorite vegan restaurants in Melbourne.


Vegan Eats In Melbourne: Smith and Deli

Smith and Deli is an amazing all vegan eatery in the heart of Fitzroy, just outside of the city center of Melbourne, Australia. This place seriously has anything that you could want in a deli – but the entire place is completely vegan! I love to stop by to pick up some breakfast staplesĀ (toaster waffles with maple syrup, or everything bagels with vegan cream cheese), or pick up a to-go breakfast sandwich (my favorite is the Egg McMartinez – an english muffin stuffed with a fried tofu “egg,” vegan cheddar cheese, and a slice of vegan ham, loaded up with the sauce of your choice – I always choose bbq).

inside smith and deli fitzroy melbourne vegan food deli

vegan breakfast sandwich melbourne

There is a little park just about a block away, where you can stop and sit on a bench like a civilized person. I usually can’t make it that far before ripping into my sandwich, and I end up sitting on the curb like your standard hipster.

smith and deli melbourne

smith and deli iced coffee vegan melbourne

Another bout of good news – Smith and Deli carries a drink that I swear I created years ago. About five years ago, I came up with the brilliant idea of mixing two shots of espresso over ice with coconut water. This ensures that you are hydrating with coconut water, while you dehydrate with espresso. I used to use chocolate coconut water, but Smith and Deli uses standard coconut water, creating a more coconutty iced coffee. It’s sweet and delicious.

smith and deli melbourne vegan food bakery breakfast

Smith and Deli is a place that I HIGHLY recommend to any vegan or vegan-friendly person visiting Melbourne. It should definitely be on your “do not miss” list.