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I travel the world for a living, and I use a lot of websites and resources to make my travel life as easy and seamless as possible. After almost two years of around the world travel, these are my most used travel resources.

Travel Resources



Airbnb is one of my most used sites – anytime I’m planning a trip, I’ll go to Airbnb first. I’ve booked anywhere from an insane three bedroom villa in Costa Rica, to a jungle yoga retreat in Bali, to a single tiny room in Frankfurt, Germany. I love the variety on airbnb and always find great deals!

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Travel Resources Where to Stay Airbnb


Skyscanner has been my default flight search engine for years – it includes all of the budget airlines that other major sites skip over. I usually find the cheapest flights on Skyscanner, and it’s always the first place I look. The best part about Skyscanner is that you can search by the cheapest months, or an entire month. This way, you can easily compare prices.


I get free flights by using easy travel hacking techniques. I use credit cards to get miles – I’ll put as many of my monthly expenses as I can on the credit card, and then pay it off every month. It’s one simple step that can rack you up thousands of points per year for free flights! My favorite travel credit card is the Chase Sapphire Preferred. If you use my link, you’ll get a bonus of 50,000 sign up points!

If you take away anything from this list of travel resources, take away this: travel hacking will save you hundreds – or possibly thousands – of dollars per year in flights. It doesn’t cost anything, it’s not as scammy as it sounds, and it’s one of my most used tricks to travel the world for cheap.


I currently carry two backpacks with me – a 44L around the world backpack made by Tortuga, and a 28L minimalist backpack made by CabinZero. I’m currently transitioning to a more minimalist way of traveling, and hoping to downsize to only the 28L backpack. If you’re new to world travel, I’d suggest the 44L Tortuga backpack. If you’re already super minimalist, challenge yourself to the 28L CabinZero. P.S. CabinZero also makes larger bags, test out their 44L backpack for a more budget-friendly option to the Tortuga!

The Weekender Backpack

28L CabinZero Backpack 

CabinZero Backpack Around the world travel

The 28L (above) can be used in so many ways. I’ve used it as a weekender backpack, a hiking backpack, or even an around the world backpack. It’s great to take out for the day or the week. This bag is well made, but not bulky. It’s super easy for travel as it has the handy front pocket, it has a laptop pocket, and it has some helpful compartments for socks/cables. I also love the packing cubes from CabinZero – packing cubes are a serious lifesaver when you are packing minimally.

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The Around the World Backpack

If you’re looking for a bigger backpack, take a look at the Tortuga 44L (below). This one is a bit sturdier (which is handy but also will add weight – not great if you’re going carry-on), but I’ve been able to consistently pack my life into this bag. Tortuga Around the World Backpack 44L

Things I love about this backpack: it has a large front pocket, where I can keep my liquids (for easy TSA checks) and chargers, it has two handy side pockets, and the material is very sturdy. The shoulder straps are comfortable and the bag is very well made. I also appreciate the sturdiness of the laptop pouch; don’t worry about your laptop getting hurt if the bag gets thrown around. Another great part is the chest strap; it’s really helpful for long walks from the bus stop with a heavy load.

Things I don’t love about this backpack: Being sturdy and well-made means that it is also a thick backpack. If you’re on the edge of the weight limit (7 kg for carry on budget airlines), that won’t help.

Travel Essentials

Check out my ebook for a whole lot of info on traveling the world – it’s a must have if you’re planning any trip, big or small. It includes everything I’ve learned about travel hacking, my budgets, how I travel on a budget, and how I saved to travel.

How To Travel The World On A Budget