Blogging Resources

I get asked about my website ALL.THE.TIME. I love talking about it, but I figured it would be so much easier to make one little resource page that answers all of your questions. These are all of my blogging resources and FAQ – answered.

Blogging Resources and FAQ

How to Start A Blog: All of the Blogging Resources You Need to Know

  • Did you make your website yourself? How did you learn how to do it? 

Yep, I made this pretty little baby all by myself and I’m proud AF about it! I started with absolutely ZERO knowledge of technology and websites. I found all of my blogging resources via internet research. My blogging journey began with a simple free template from I bought my own domain name via GoDaddy for like $12/year (so my domain is now instead of – it just looks more professional that way).

When I kicked it up a notch by adding an ebook to my website, I made the switch to the serious blogging world – aka Though is fab for a simple and easy blog, is a much more customizable platform. Making the switch allowed me to have the ability to add my own custom themes, customize my own themes, and add widgets like WooCommerce, which is the widget I use to sell my ebook.

I’ve used mostly free WordPress themes up until now, but recently I’ve made the switch to installing my own theme bought from a third party (I bought the theme Aruba Nights from pipdig – and I totally recommend it!).

I learned all of this by YEARS of trial and error. Though it can be a difficult process, the more you work at it, the better you’ll get.


  • What do you use for hosting?

I used to use Bluehost for hosting, but to be totally honest I didn’t have the best experience with their customer service team when I made the switch. After that expired, I switched to SiteGround, which I can HIGHLY recommend. I absolutely love their customer service, their platform is so easy to use, and they give you a FREE SSL certificate!

You’ll need an SSL certificate if you plan on selling anything on your website.

Photography FAQ

Best Day Trips From Auckland

  • What kind of camera do you use? 

Previously, I was using an Olympus Pen ELP7. In May 2017 I bought myself the Canon 70D. I’ve been using an assortment of lenses, but I mainly use my standard 16-35mm lens for now. If I could go back in time, I’d probably buy the body of the 70D and a better lens. C’est la vie.

I use Lightroom for editing and I edit all of my photos myself.


  • Who takes your photos? 

Sometimes, my tripod and self timer take my photos. Sometimes, I’ll hand the camera to Michael and ask him to take a very specific photo. Rarely, I’ll ask a stranger to take a photo (just because it hardly ever turns out the way I want – I’m picky). If I’m lucky, I’ll be around my mom or my good friend Natalie, who are both photographers.


Still have questions? Email me at and I’ll help as much as I can!

Happy blogging!