A Perfect Day In Guerneville, California

Guerneville is a tiny little town off the Northern California coast. It’s one of my favorite tiny towns in Sonoma County, and is vastly underrated. Whenever I am craving a relaxed, chill day, I’ll head down the highway to this adorable little river town and catch my share of good food, coffee, redwood trees and fresh air. This is how I spend a perfect day in Guerneville, California.

How To Spend a Perfect Day In Guerneville

First stop: coffee. I love this little coffee shop called the Coffee Bazaar – I’ve been there so many times over the years. There is a bookstore attached, which means that if you have time and are in need of a book, this is the perfect place to browse with a cuppa. I really enjoy the world map showing all of the coffee regions – I use it to point out all of the places I want to go. #wanderlustlife

How to Spend a Day In Guerneville, CaliforniaHow to Spend a Day In Guerneville, CaliforniaHow to Spend a Day In Guerneville, California

I had a soy latte and I left with a serious case of wanderlust – these are some of my favorite things.

Into the Wild

Next, we headed to Armstrong Woods – a forest full of the tallest redwood trees you’ve ever seen. Entry is free, and there is a great one mile looped trail that will take you through the forest.How to Spend a Day In Guerneville, CaliforniaHow to Spend a Day In Guerneville, CaliforniaHow to Spend a Day In Guerneville, CaliforniaHow to Spend a Day In Guerneville, CaliforniaHow to Spend a Day In Guerneville, California

After a nice long walk in the woods, we headed back down the street into town again for lunch at my favorite little market in Guerneville, Big Bottom Market.

How to Spend a Day In Guerneville, CaliforniaHow to Spend a Day In Guerneville, California

It looks like they also serve Oprah’s favorite biscuit?! I opted for the smashed chickpea, avocado and arugula sandwich. It usually comes with feta and garlic aoli, but I asked for it vegan style. Michael ordered the grilled cheese sandwich. How to Spend a Day In Guerneville, CaliforniaHow to Spend a Day In Guerneville, CaliforniaHow to Spend a Day In Guerneville, CaliforniaHow to Spend a Day In Guerneville, CaliforniaAfter lunch, we took a walk to the end of the block to the Guerneville Bank Club – the perfect, cutest spot for an ice cream cone. How to Spend a Day In Guerneville, CaliforniaHow to Spend a Day In Guerneville, CaliforniaHow to Spend a Day In Guerneville, California

I opted for the Vegan Coconut Fudge in a sugar cone. Michael chose the waffle cone with a scoop of Madagascar Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge. How to Spend a Day In Guerneville, CaliforniaAfter we were filled up with ice cream and had a little walk around of the Guerneville Bank Club, we jumped back in the car. We stopped at Safeway for a bottle of wine and some snacks. We picked up some Kettle chips and a bottle of Chardonnay, and took the Jeep out to the coast.How to Spend a Day In Guerneville, CaliforniaHow to Spend a Day In Guerneville, CaliforniaThe beach was perfect – just sun, fresh air, and a light breeze.

There are so many great places to check out in Guerneville, and all throughout Sonoma County. Stay tuned to see what else I have planned for the rest of my time at home!

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My Favorite Things in Northern California

As many of you know, I originate from Northern California. I came home for a few months to see my family in between stints of travel, and I was so excited to do some of my favorite things at home again. This is everything that I was looking forward to – all of the best things to do in Northern California.

1. Wine Tasting 

I’m from the wine country, so of course I love a good glass of wine. I don’t drink much while traveling, but I studied wine for years before leaving the wine industry to explore the world. Whenever I come home, one of the first things on my to-do list is to stop at a winery.

To Do in Northern California Wine Tasting

2. Whole Foods

Though my family primarily shops at Costco (it’s the American way), I am a huge fan of Whole Foods. It’s like heaven for vegans. One of my favorite past times is heading to Whole Foods for a GT’s Kombucha and a vegan doughnut.

What to do in Northern California Whole Foods

what to do in Northern California Whole Foods

3. Drink A Pliny

If you’re a beer fan (like I am), and you’re from Sonoma County (like I am), you’ll know that Pliny the Elder – from Russian River Brewery – is one of the best beers in Sonoma County. It’s a triple IPA and tastes like jasmine. I love it, and I especially love going to Korbel Winery to get it – this way I can have a Pliny (they have it on tap at the deli at Korbel), and my mom can get her bubbles!

What to do in Sonoma County

4. Take A Hike

I love hiking, and Sonoma County has some of the best hiking trails in California. I hike regularly when I’m home, usually at least 4 days a week. The trails here go for miles, are hilly, and have top notch views. There are so many trails in Sonoma County, and even more if you’re willing to venture out.

what to do in Northern California

5. Eating All the Vegan Foods

California is one super vegan-friendly place – and it’s great to go somewhere where I already know of so many of the best vegan places. I’ve been trying a lot of vegan foods from the supermarket, and I’m working on a list of the best vegan places in Sonoma County. If you’re into vegan food, check out my vegan food account on Instagram.

What to do in Sonoma County

6. All the heart melting things

It was amazing to see my family after being away for so long. I talked to most of them almost every day while being away, but I’ve always been close to my family so it’s very heartwarming for me to be able to see them every day.

What to do in Sonoma County

I was also so excited to see my cat, Raja – my parents have been taking care of him. I got to meet my sister’s dog, Chubs, again – I haven’t seen him since he was a puppy!What to do in Sonoma County What to do in Sonoma County

These are just a few of my favorite things about Northern California. There is so much to see and do here, I can’t wait to share more in the upcoming weeks.

Let me know – have you been to Northern California? What are your favorite things about this state?



How To Find Work As An Au Pair

If you’ve been following me on Youtube, you’ll know that I worked as an au pair for two months in Sydney. I got a lot of questions about my experience, including how to find work as an au pair, what are the job duties as an au pair, how much do you work as an au pair, and how much au pairs get paid. Today I am answering all of these questions with my experience. Every experience as an au pair will be different, and pay varies greatly by country.How to Find Work as an Au Pair

How to Find A Job As An Au Pair

I found my au pair job on a Facebook group. I contacted the woman who posted it, and we messaged back and forth for a while. The next step was a skype meeting. At that time, I also got to meet the three kids I’d be watching. It all went well. I decided to give the au pair job a go. I messaged the family and we talked about the hours that I would be working and the pay, and it all sounded good to me, so we picked a date that I would start.

How to Find Work as an Au Pair

Au Pair Job Duties

The job duties of an au pair vary by family. Generally, au pairs don’t get great pay, but you also won’t work a ton of hours. Deep cleaning of the house should never be part of your job duties. The family that I worked for included two parents and three kids. The father worked from early in the morning until late in the evening. The mother did shift work as a nurse, so the hours that I worked went around their schedule.

Basically, any time the parents were not home and the kids were, I was watching them. Sometimes I would get them ready for school and walk them there. Other days, I would pick them up from school, clean their lunch boxes, make them a snack, and play with them until their parents came home. I was asked to clean up after myself and clean the kids lunch boxes after school. The family also had a dog, who I would let in and out of the house during the day.

How to Find Work as an Au Pair

How Many Hours Do Au Pairs Work?

The hours that au pairs work vary greatly by family. This is something you should clarify with the family prior to starting work with them. With my au pair family, I would work anywhere from 10 to 30 hours a week. This was one of the more difficult parts of the job. It was hard for me because I got paid the same amount every week, no matter how much I worked. I wasn’t used to that. The children that I watched would go to school from Monday to Friday, though the littlest one was home all day on Thursdays and Fridays. This meant that I would be watching her all day if the mother had a morning shift at work.

How to Find Work as an Au Pair

How Much Do Au Pairs Get Paid?

I was making $250 per week as an au pair, and my job also included room and board. This could be considered a high wage for an au pair, but keep in mind that wages in Australia are high, and I was sometimes working up to 30 hours a week.

How to Find Work as an Au Pair

Overall, I am happy that I had the experience of being an au pair. I don’t think I would do it again, as I realized that I do prefer to have the ability to make money per hour, versus making the same amount of money per week no matter how many hours I work.

Au pairing would be great for someone who wants the stability of having a job before going in to a working visa. I wouldn’t recommend au pairing as the best job for someone who is looking to save money long term. It is a great way to make a liveable wage and be part of a family. I really value the experience that I had as an au pair. It was great to feel included in a family again after a year and a half of travel.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever considered becoming an au pair! 

How to Afford Travel

I get asked often, how to afford travel. I’ve been travelling full time for almost two years now, and these are my best tips and tricks to be able to afford to travel full time.

How to Afford TravelHow to Afford Travel
1. Travel Hacking

I talk all about the specifics of travel hacking in my ebook. For those who don’t know what it is, here’s a quick rundown. Travel hacking is a way of using credit card points for free flights, upgrades, hotel rooms, etc. I made ZERO change to my lifestyle to get a free round trip flight from SFO to Europe. I just signed up for this credit card, used it to maximize my bonus points and referred a few people, and then had hundreds of thousands of points that I could use for flights, hotel rooms, or even gift cards. I was even able to buy my sister and I flights to Nicaragua immediately after my Copenhagen flight purchase!

How to Afford Travel

2. Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

By being aware of what I’m spending money on, and making sure that I only buy things that are of value to me, I am able to maximize the money that I have. Watch my video on how minimalism changed my life, and how it led me to world travel. It’s helped me make some massive shifts in my life and led me to so much more than saving money. I’d highly recommend giving it a try! If you haven’t heard of minimalism, check out the Ted Talk by the Minimalists.


How To Afford Travel
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3. Learning about Sustainability

This one has a larger impact than you’d imagine – I used to spend loads of money on clothes and fast fashion. Once I watched “The True Cost” (watch it on Netflix), I completely changed my outlook on clothing. We are doing so much harm by purchasing cheap clothing made in factories with terrible working conditions. I’d suggest watching the doc and making your own choices. Please let me know what you think of it if you’ve seen it! I now buy less clothes, and when I do need something, I always try to buy second hand first. How to Afford Full Time Travel

4. Live Like A Local

By treating travel as a learning experience instead of a massive binger, I am able to save tons of money. I don’t drink often, and I am definitely not out partying at night. Instead of all-inclusive resorts, I stay in local accommodation like airbnbs, or sometimes I’ll even rent a place out. By cooking most of my own food, I save a ton. But I’ll still splurge on an epic vegan meal every once in a while. I really think about what the money I’m spending could get me. It costs me about $30 a day to live in Thailand – if I’m spending $30 on a meal in Australia or America, it better be worth giving up one day of living in Thailand. #realitycheck How to Afford Full Time Travel

5. Resources

I have tons of resources that I use to find the cheapest flights, the best accommodation, the luggage that I use to travel carry-on only, and the best travel insurance here. These are must-knows for anyone wondering how to afford travel! How to Afford Full Time Travel

6. Working Visas

I did a working visa for a year in Australia, where I was able to work and live (and travel) in the country for up to a year. I wrote an ultimate guide to the working holiday visa in Australia, which includes info on how I got work, what the wages are like, and how to find accommodation. Working while abroad is an easy way on how to afford travel. Use google to see what countries you can work abroad in! (p.s. you can always work online anywhere in the world). How to Afford Full Time Travel

My e-book goes more in depth on all of these topics, and includes real budgets from multiple countries (including Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, and Australia), safety tips and tricks, and a whole chapter on how to use travel hacking.

How To Travel The World On A Budget

What do you think of my tips? Have you used any of these yourself? Let me know in the comments below!


Vegan Fast Food in Australia

I often get asked how easy it is to be vegan in Australia. I spent almost an entire year in the beautiful country of Australia, and I was vegan the entire time. It wasn’t difficult at all, and I actually found Australia to be one of the most vegan friendly places I’ve visited so far. This is a list of the best vegan fast food in Australia.

Australia is home to many a fast food restaurant that includes vegan options on the menu. There are so many vegans in Australia, it is easy to find a place that caters to us.Best Vegan Fast Food In Australia

Vegan Fast Food in Australia
1. Lord of The Fries

This place is magic. It’s an entirely vegetarian (transitioning to vegan) fast food restaurant that serves burgers, fries, hot dogs, and milkshakes – all of which can be made vegan. This chain is spread throughout Australia, with stores in all of the major touristy areas of the big cities. Vegan Fast Food in Australia

2. Guzman and Gomez

There are loads of Mexican restaurant chains in Australia, one of which is Guzman and Gomez. Most of these chains offer vegan options on the menu, with free guacamole for veg burritos! Other Mexican chains with vegan options include: Zambrero (my favorite and probably the healthiest), and Mad Mex (this would be my third option out of the three). A burrito at any of these places will cost you about $12-$15 AUD. Vegan Fast Food in Australia Guzman and Gomez

3. Doughnut Time

While Doughnut Time isn’t a completely vegan establishment, this magical place offers a variety of vegan doughnuts. My favorite is the Liam Hemsworth, but all of the vegan doughnuts are amazing. One of these little hunks of joy will cost you anywhere between $7-$9 AUD, but is completely worth it. Split it with a friend if you don’t want a stomach ache from sugar, because they are massive! Vegan Fast Food in Australia Vegan Fast Food In Australia Vegan Fast Food in Australia

4. Grill’d

Grill’d is a healthy burger chain, with one vegan option on the menu. The veg option here is a vegetable burger, filled to the brim with fiber but not overly filling – make sure to grab a side of sweet potatoes fries. Grill’d is a great place to grab a meal with a friend. They offer seating, tons of drinks options (from kombucha to beer), and a cute setting. A Grill’d vegan burger will set you back about $11.50. Vegan Fast Food in Australia Grill'dVegan Fast Food in AustraliaVegan Fast Food in Australia

5. Crust Pizza

Crust is a fast food joint that has locations around Australia. They stock vegan cheese, and can make any of the vegetarian pizzas vegan if you just ask for it to be made vegan. A pizza here will set you back about $23-$26 with the addition of vegan cheese, but it’s very worth it. Vegan Fast Food in AustraliaVegan Fast Food in Australia

These are my favorite options for vegan fast food in Australia. They are all amazing, satisfying, and cruelty-free. Make sure to check out my favorite vegan restaurants in Melbourne!

What’s your favorite vegan fast food option?


How To Spend 24 Hours in Byron Bay

Byron Bay has been on my list of places to visit ever since I arrived in Australia and heard about this beachy, vegan friendly place just on the border of Queensland and New South Wales. I finally made it for a quick trip, and though there is so many amazing places to eat and beaches to see, I feel like I made the most of this short trip.Byron Bay Beach Lighthouse

The stop in Byron Bay came after diving in the Great Barrier Reef and stopping off in Brisbane and Gold Coast. I was ready to eat some good food, stay in a nice airbnb, and have a relaxing weekend.

Byron Bay: Where I Stayed

I picked this airbnb and I absolutely loved it. It was a bit higher than my normal price range, but there was a massive festival going on in Byron Bay the weekend I visited, which caused a lot of the airbnb’s to be rented out. So I splurged.Byron Bay Airbnb Apartment

I had been in contact with a fellow travel blogger, Marnie, for a few weeks prior. She lives in Byron Bay and she offered to show me around. I happily agreed, and she came to my apartment to pick me up that Saturday.

We headed to a restaurant that Marnie recommended called The Beet. It’s all vegan and super adorable. We ordered up a feast and happily filled up over good talks and amazing drinks.Byron Bay The Beet Cafe Vegan Byron Bay The Beet Cafe

Next, we headed toward the beach, where we stopped off to admire the insane beauty that is Byron Bay.How to Spend 24 Hours In Byron Bay

We took a hike up to the Byron Lighthouse. There is a lookout on the way, where you can spot whales migrating. We saw a couple of whales swimming together – it was amazing!How to Spend 24 Hours in Byron BayHow to Spend 24 Hours in Byron Bay

Once we made it to the lighthouse, we looked around at the insanely gorgeous, almost 360 view, before heading back down the path.How to Spend 24 Hours in Byron Bay

We drove through town and searched for vegan ice cream. We didn’t find any shops that were open that served vegan ice cream, so we headed to Fundies. Fundies looks like a vegan heaven – they have all sorts of vegan treats, plus health foods, and home necessities.

We picked up some vegan ice cream made by Knox and Aya (try them out if you’re in Byron!). This ice cream came back to the airbnb with us, where we ate it out of bowls on the balcony.How to Spend 24 Hours in Byron Bay

I had such an amazing time in Byron Bay. I’d highly recommend stopping here if you’re traveling through Australia – it could be my favorite place in the whole country!



How to Spend 24 Hours in Gold Coast

After my 24 hours in Brisbane, I got to spend a day in the Gold Coast. This is how to spend 24 hours in Gold Coast. How to Spend 24 Hours in Gold CoastHow to Spend 24 hours in Gold Coast

How To Spend 24 Hours In Gold Coast

I recommend booking a place to stay near the action if you’re staying for a short time – and the most interesting spot in Gold Coast is Surfers Paradise. How to Spend 24 hours in Gold CoastHow to Spend 24 Hours in Gold Coast

Where to Stay

I stayed in an airbnb (my favorite type of accommodation), and I got super lucky because I found a great place right in Surfers Paradise. This is the airbnb I stayed in. It was super cute and in such a good location! (Use my link to get $25 off your first airbnb stay)How to Spend 24 Hours in Gold Coast: Where to Stay

What To Do

One of my favorite things about Surfers Paradise was the beach. The beach here is one super long stretch of ocean, backed up by skyscrapers and palm trees. I spent hours walking on the beach, laying in the sand, and watching the tourists taking photos of their friends jumping in the sand. How to Spend 24 hours in Gold Coast

How to Spend 24 hours in Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a shopping destination, which I’m not usually into, but it worked out well for me because my phone died the day I got there {like permanently}. I was lucky enough to find a phone store selling refurbished iPhones and pick one up.

Where to Eat

There are so many cafes and restaurants in the Gold Coast! I usually prefer to seek out vegan restaurants so I can try something new (or at least have more than one option from the menu). How to Spend 24 Hours in Gold Coast How to Spend 24 Hours in Gold Coast: Where to Eat

I found Cardamom Pod and I highly recommend it. This place is awesome! It’s not cheap, but the food is amazing. I had a Malaysian Satay with basmati rice and a super detox salad.

They also have some incredible dessert options if you have a sweet tooth. How to Spend 24 hours in Gold Coast: What To Eat

I also had a vegan kebab from a street stall – my first one in Australia! Aside from that, I ate mainly fruit and some juice from Wollies. I try to keep my meals budget friendly and only splurge when I know it will be worth it (aka my vegan restaurant escapade in Melbourne).

Planning a trip to Australia? Make sure to check out the best hikes in Sydney, my guide to Rottnest Island, or the guide to a working holiday visa in Australia!

How to Spend 24 Hours in Gold Coast

How to Spend 24 Hours in Brisbane, Queensland

I recently went to Brisbane, Queensland – for 24 hours. This was my first time in “Brissie,” as the locals call it, and I was determined to make the most of it. This is how to spend 24 hours in Brisbane. How to spend 24 Hours in Brisbane, Australia

How To Spend 24 Hours in Brisbane

You’re going to want to start off your day with a solid breakfast. After researching all of my vegan options, I decided to go for an indulgent pancake breakfast. I headed to the Lost Boys in the CBD after seeing this listHow to Spend 24 Hours in Brisbane

What I received was a bit different than what I’d expected, though. The pancakes were alright, but I’d recommend checking out a more relevant list (or some instagram accounts) if you’re looking for an instagram-worthy breakfast. I’m constantly on the search for insta-worthy food for my vegan instagram account.

After you’re fueled up, take a walk down the river to Kangaroo Point. I took the Story Bridge, which was a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the city on the other side of the river. How to Spend 24 Hours in Brisbane, AustraliaHow to Spend 24 Hours in Brisbane, AustraliaAfter crossing the bridge, head to CT White Park and take the walking trail along the harbor. It’s a great walk. If you aren’t a fan of long walks, you can rent bikes by the hour at stops along the path. How to Spend 24 Hours in Brisbane, AustraliaIf you get a bit tired, have a sip of water at one of the many water fountains along the way and have a seat at one of the little piers. How to Spend 24 Hours in Brisbane, AustraliaOnce you’re ready, walk across Goodwill Bridge and head across the river back into the city. How to Spend 24 Hours in Brisbane, AustraliaHow to Spend 24 Hours in Brisbane, Australia

I used this chance to make friends with the locals. How to Spend 24 Hours in Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane is a beautiful city and has lots to offer. I stopped for a chilled (and inexpensive) lunch at the Queens Plaza – there is an Indian restaurant in the food court that offers rice & one curry for $6.80 (that is insanely cheap for Australia).
How to Spend 24 Hours in BrisbaneThe day was a bit windy and I was a bit tired from the walk, so I took the bus home after lunch, which was around 4 PM. I spent the night having a good chat with my airbnb host.

Where to StayHow to Spend 24 Hours in Brisbane

This is the airbnb that I stayed at – the hosts were so great. The room was so cute and comfy and the house was only about 20 mins by bus into Brisbane. I love airbnb and use it almost exclusively when I am in a city for a short time. Use my link to get $25 off your first airbnb stay! Airbnb hosts are so helpful. I asked my hosts how to spend 24 hours in Brisbane and she helped me map out this entire walk.

I visited Brisbane after leaving Cairns – check out my first scuba diving experience in Cairns! If you’re planning a trip to Australia, make sure to check out my guide to the working holiday visa in Australia, and my favorite restaurants in Melbourne, and the best hikes in Sydney. 


The Great Barrier Reef: Diving and Snorkeling

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I’ve finally made it to the Great Barrier Reef. Diving the Great Barrier Reef has been on my bucket list for a while, and I was so excited to finally do it right at the end of my working visa in Australia. This is all of the info on my tour. Great Barrier Reef: Diving, Snorkeling and Cruising

Great Barrier Reef: Where to Book A Dive or Cruise

I booked my tour through Backpackers World in Cairns – I figured it would be easiest to go to a place where someone can help find the right tour for me. Great Barrier Reef: Diving, Snorkeling and Cruising

I told them I was on a budget, and they recommended Down Under Cruise and Dive. They helped me find the best day to go. We chose a day where the wind wouldn’t be too crazy and we booked it in.

Great Barrier Reef: How Much You’ll Spend

I paid $195 for the full day on the boat. This includes snorkel gear, all diving gear (but does not include wetsuit rental), a full buffet lunch on board (they cater to vegans!), and wine, cheese, and crackers on the way back. This included an introductory dive – I’m not certified to dive, so this was the best option for me. I’ve never dove before. If you aren’t into diving, the cost will be lower, and you’ll get to snorkel at two reef locations. Great Barrier Reef: Diving, Snorkeling and Cruising Great Barrier Reef: Diving, Snorkeling, and Cruising

There were lots of add-ons to the cruise – you could book a second dive, you could book a helicopter tour, a submarine tour, rent a wetsuit, rent an underwater camera. They also had beer and assorted drinks available for purchase. I didn’t rent a wetsuit – that is primarily for if you’re worried about being cold or getting cut by coral.

Great Barrier Reef: What To Expect

Check in at the dock was at 7:30 AM. The boat left the dock at 8:15 AM. On the way to the reef, we had a briefing on what to expect for the day – including the time tables, our dive groups, and what reefs we would be visiting. We went to Norman Reef in the morning, and Hastings Reef in the afternoon. These reefs are both on the Outer Great Barrier Reef. Great Barrier Reef Diving, Snorkelling and CruisingGreat Barrier Reef Water ReefGreat Barrier Reef: Diving, Snorkeling and Cruising

Down Under Cruise and Dive: Pros and Cons

This is a budget cruise. They offer a lower price ($200) by using a larger boat with more people. It’s nice to save about $100 by going for the budget option, and there was plenty of room on the boat for everyone to have a seat and space to put backpacks/day bags.Great Barrier Reef: Diving, Snorkeling and Cruising

The problem with having that many people on the boat is that when it’s snorkel time, you have roughly 100 people snorkeling in the same area. There were a few times that I was almost kicked by someone else’s flippers. While diving we had four divers to one instructor. Great Barrier Reef Underwater Great Barrier Reef Underwater Fish

I spent the afternoon snorkeling and laying in the sun. On the way back, I drank wine, ate crackers, and made friends with some New Zealanders. It was a magical day. Great Barrier Reef Diving

Stay tuned for detailed posts on my first diving experience (and what went wrong), and what I’d do differently about visiting the Great Barrier Reef!


The Best Hikes In Sydney, Australia

Upon arriving in Sydney, I found that this city is filled with breathtaking hikes – there are coastal hikes, harbor hikes, and even a whole mountain range just an hour East of the city. This is a list of the best hikes in Sydney, Australia.Best Hikes in Sydney: Blue Mountains

Best Hikes in Sydney, Australia 
1. Palm Beach / Barrenjoey Lighthouse Hike

This hike starts at the famous Palm Beach (where the aussie soap opera Home And Away is filmed) and takes you up to Barrenjoey lighthouse. From the tip of the mountain, you’ll be able to see where the bay meets the ocean, and the kilometers of beach that separate the two. This is one of the best views I’ve ever had on a hike, and high on the list of the best hikes in Sydney. See the full post on this hike for more photos.

Best Hikes In Sydney, Australia

2. Bondi to Coogee

This hike is a beautiful walk along the coast just South of Sydney’s CBD. It took me about two hours one way, mainly because I stopped for so many photos. It’s most common to walk from Bondi to Coogee, but I went from Coogee to Bondi, which I imagine to be a bit more rewarding if you’ve never seen Bondi before. It’s not hard to see how this one made the list of best hikes in Sydney! See the full post on this hike for more info. 

The Best Hikes in SydneyThe Best Hikes in Sydney, Australia Best Hikes in Sydney, Australia Best Hikes in Sydney, Australia

3. Figure 8 Pools

About 30 mins south of Sydney CBD is the Royal National Park. Head here for a medium-intensity, 1 hour hike to the beach, and even further, the figure 8 pools. The figure 8 pools have been naturally created over hundreds of years, and are incredible to see in real life. This is one of the shorter hikes of the best hikes in Sydney. See the full post on this hike for more details and lots more photos. Best Hikes in Sydney, Australia

4. Marley Beach Hike

Also located in the Royal National Park, the hike to Marley Beach takes about an hour and a half from the fire road. I took a rocky fire road path, but if you’d like to go on a smoother, newer, man-made path, I’d recommend starting at Bundeena. The path is relatively uneventful, but the reveal of Marley beach is astonishing. We brought a picnic and ate a bit inland, where the wind wasn’t as strong. The views make it obvious as to how this one made the list of best hikes in Sydney!

The Best Hikes in Sydney, Australia The Best Hiking Trails in Sydney, Australia The Best Hiking in Sydney, Australia The Best Hikes in Sydney, Australia

5. Grand Canyon Hike to Evans Lookout, Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are a perfect weekend trip for the avid hiker visiting Sydney. Located just about an hour to an hour and a half outside of Sydney, the Blue Mountains are full of long, lush hiking trails. One of my favorites was the Grand Canyon hike to Evan’s Lookout – it took us about 2 hours to get to Evans Lookout, through the canyon. The amount of hikes in the Blue Mountains makes it a clear top candidate of the best hikes in Sydney.

The Best Hikes in Sydney, Australia

6. Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains

Wentworth Falls is a massive waterfall that you should NOT MISS if you’re taking a trip to the Blue Mountains. Go early, because the hike is beautiful but long. We ended up having to take a shorter trail because we ran out of time before it got dark. It paid off in the end, as we got to see a second waterfall – Empress Falls.

Blue Mountains Wentworth Falls TrailBlue Mountains: The Perfect Weekend Getaway From Sydney

See the full post for more photos. 

7. Cronulla Beach Hike

If you’re feeling a chill, lazy day sort of walk, the Cronulla beach hike is for you! This is a relatively flat, easy walk. It’s a long one as well, so bring your water and maybe some snacks. It’s not hard to see how this one made the list of best hikes in Sydney!

Best Hikes in Sydney: Cronulla BeachBest Hikes In Sydney: Cronulla Beach

8. Chowder Bay to Bradley’s Head Hike

This is one of the first hikes I did in Sydney and one of the most impressive. This trail takes you from Chowder Bay (have a coffee at the old bunker turned coffee shop before heading out!) all the way to Bradley’s Head – where you will get a stunning view of the Sydney Harbor bridge and Sydney Opera House. See the full post for more photos and details.
Best Hikes in Sydney: Bradley's Head Best Hikes in Sydney: Bradley's Head

9. Manly to Spit Bridge

The Manly to Spit Bridge trek was one that I was most looking forward to. Starting at the stunning Manly Beach, this is a long hike at 10k each way. I just did one way, but if you’re feeling wild, try to go round trip. See the full post for more photos and details. Best Hikes in Sydney: Manly to Spit Bridge Best Hikes in Sydney: Manly to Spit Bridge

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