Weekend Trip From Sydney: The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are just about two hours west of Sydney – it’s the perfect weekend getaway. If you’re tired of the city life and craving some fresh air, chill breezes, and solid hiking trails, read on for the perfect weekend away.

Blue Mountains: The Perfect Weekend Trip From Sydney

blue mountains sydney

I took Friday night to pack, eat some Lord Of The Fries, and plan out my weekend. I’d rented an airbnb (ps use my link to get $25 off your first airbnb trip!) just outside of the Blue Mountains, in Leonay.

We headed up to the Blue Mountains on Saturday morning, leaving Sydney around 9 am. Fueled up on a breakfast of porridge, we just stopped for a coffee and some lunch supplies on the way, and arrived at our first destination at 12:30.

Saturday: Grand Canyon Hike

The trip started off with a long hike in the Grand Canyon of the Blue Mountains National Park. The Grand Canyon loop is about a two to three hour loop. We went there and back the long way, which added up to 4 hours.

Blue Mountains Sydney Grand Canyon Hike PhotoBlue Mountains Grand Canyon Hike Blue Mountains Sydney Grand Canyon Hike

After completely exhausting ourselves, we stopped at the Thai Kitchen in Springwood for some curries (I love a good yellow curry!). Next, we headed to the airbnb, where we took showers, had a glass of wine, and promptly fell asleep with sore legs and tired feet.

Sunday: Three Sisters and Wentworth Falls

On Sunday, we set off at 9 AM for coffee and food supplies. We found a cute little strip mall with a new coffee shop and a Supa IGA. My new favorite thing is having coffee “for here” – it’s such a better experience than takeaway! Dan's Coffee Hause Blue Mountains

Next, we headed toward the Three Sisters, a rock formation with an incredible tale behind it. It was cold and windy, so we didn’t stay for long.

Three Sisters Blue Mountains After getting the best views of the Three Sisters, we headed east to go home, planning a quick stop at Wentworth Falls (ps check out Wentworth on Netflix – it’s a great show! It’s the aussie version of Orange Is The New Black, maybe even better than OITNB).

Our “quick stop” at Wentworth Falls somehow turned in to a 3 hour hike. I was not going home without seeing the waterfall! In the end, I saw three waterfalls. It was worth the three hour hike, but I think I learned a valuable lesson here: be prepared for anything. I ended up filling up my water bottle under a waterfall because we ran out of water. That water was pretty good though!

Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains Sydney Blue Mountains Sydney Empress FallsEmpress Falls Blue Mountains Sydney

After a long weekend of hiking, it felt so good to come home. I got home around 7 on Sunday night, took a long hot shower, and slept sooo well.

Sydney Hikes: Bundeena to Marley Beach

Of all of the Sydney hikes that I’ve done, this one was one of my favorites for a few reasons. It’s outside of the city and feels remote; it is on the shorter side (only about one hour each way); and it has cliffs, beach, and dirt trails. The trail ends at gorgeous Marley beach, which has loads of hilly grasslands for picnics.

Sydney hikes: Bundeena to Marley Beach

Sydney Hikes Marley Beach CabinZero

Sydney Hikes Marley Beach

I completed this hike on a wintery Saturday, when the sky was full of clouds and the wind current was moderate. I carried along my new 28L CabinZero backpack – it was the perfect size for our picnic, a couple liters of water, and a few layers of warmer clothes.

Sydney Hikes Marley Beach CabinZeroSydney Hikes Marley Beach

My favorite hiking lunch lately is wraps – they are super easy to bring along and so easy to make on the trail. This time, I brought some wholemeal pitas, beetroot spread (it’s kind of like a beetroot hummus), greens, and tomatoes. I like to bring a liter of coconut water as well for extra hydration.

Sydney Hikes Marley Beach Cabinzero picnic

Sydney Hikes Marley Beach Picnic

The trail is relatively flat, with very few ascents and descents. We took the fire trail, which was very rocky, to get to the beach. However, there is a man-made walking trail that starts at Bundeena and would be much easier to walk on.

Sydney Hikes Marley Beach

On the day we went, there were a lot of strong winds. Definitely pack a windbreaker and put your hair up securely, if it’s long. See Exhibit A here:

Sydney Hikes Marley Beach

And Exhibit B:

Sydney Hikes Marley Beach

This hike is located in the Royal National Park, which is about a half hour drive south of Sydney CBD. To get here, you will need a car. Parking in the National Park is $12 per day.

To get the most out of your trip to Royal National Park, also check out the hike to the Figure 8 pools!


Funky Pies: Vegan Pies in Sydney

After being in Australia for eight months and never trying a classic Australian meat pie, I was so excited to find a vegan version of this Aussie dish. I never thought I would find vegan pies in Australia. Even better, Funky Pies is located right up the street from Bondi beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sydney.

Funky Pies: Vegan Pies in Sydney

Funky Pies Vegan Sydney

When I arrived at Funky Pies, I could not believe the vegan selection they had. The whole place is vegan, and they offer a wide variety of pies, but also vegan desserts like candy bars, ice cream, loads of healthy drinks (kombucha, I’m looking at you), and you can even get frozen pies to take home! Walking in to Funky Pies is like walking into an Australian vegan heaven. The assortment of pies is incredible.

Funky Pies Vegan Sydney Funky Pies Vegan Sydney Though there are loads of choices, we picked right away. I went for the Funky Chunky, and my friend went for the Tuscan Mushroom. We chose one of each side (the options are mash, peas and gravy or salad) and split the lot.Funky Pies Vegan Sydney Funky Pies Vegan Sydney Funky Pies Vegan Sydney Funky Pies Vegan Sydney

My favorite was the funky chunky. The tuscan mushroom was amazing as well, but I could seriously eat 5 of those funky chunky pies! My friend couldn’t choose a favorite – they were both too good! All in all, this was one seriously satisfying meal. Funky Pies Vegan Sydney

We left the restaurant full, happy, and ready for some more Bondi beach walking.

Check out Funky Pies website, or visit the shop at 144 Glenayr Avenue, Bondi.



Best Beaches In Sydney

Since being in Sydney, it’s been my mission to find and photograph the most beautiful beaches that this city has to offer. These are the best beaches in Sydney, Australia.

Best Beaches in Sydney

Best Beaches in Sydney

  1. Bondi Beach

Bondi is one of the most well-known beaches in Sydney – there is even a TV show filmed here! It’s beautiful. Make sure to get a photo of the Icebergs club while you’re around (check out the beautiful insta photos of the icebergs club). Bondi is surrounded by quaint little restaurants and cafes. Most noteworthy, Bondi offers a really great hiking path, heading through Bronte to Coogee beach. Best Beaches in SydneyBondi is also a great place for vegans – check out Speedo’s Cafe for their epic vegan burger, or head over to Funky Pies for an epic Aussie pie, vegan-style. Because of the incredible vegan options here, stop by around meal time.

2. Manly Beach

Manly is Bondi’s little sibling. This beach is surrounded by any shop you’d want to visit, including lots of big name Australian and worldwide brands. The beach is long and boasts lots of restaurants and tourist shops just across the street. Best Beaches in Sydney

3. Coogee Beach

Coogee is the beach you go to for a relaxing, chill afternoon. First of all, it’s surrounded by a park (great spot for a picnic), a few coffee shops, and some great cafes. It’s not quite as busy as the other beaches; therefore, it makes it a great spot for a relaxed Sunday session. Best Beaches in Sydney

4. Bronte Beach

Located between Coogee and Bondi beaches, Bronte beach seems like a hidden gem. It’s on the smaller side of Sydney beaches. This one is located in a little cove, surrounded by cliffs on both sides. In addition to the adorable location, this one is a perfect beach for families. Best Beaches in Sydney

5. Burning Palms Beach

While Bondi is a major tourist attraction, Burning Palms is a bit of a secret. Located in the Royal National Park, just south of Sydney CBD, you’ll need to take a 45-min hike to find the beach. Hike a bit past the beach, and you’ll stumble upon the insta-famous Figure 8 pool. Just watch the tide warnings – a high tide means that you’ll be in a danger zone.

Best Beaches in Sydney Best Beaches in Sydney

6. Palm Beach

Head to Palm beach to gaze in awe at the sparkling water, flanked by the Barrenjoey lighthouse and the bay. The Australian soap opera Home and Away is filmed here. Take a hike to the top of the lighthouse for some unforgettable views of the ocean meeting the bay (and get all the instagrams).

Best Beaches in SydneyBest Beaches in SydneyBest Beaches in Sydney

As a result of my time searching for the best beaches in Sydney, I’ve drank more coffee, eaten at more vegan restaurants, and even ran into some cheeky garage sales and a celebrity!

Best Beaches in Sydney

Tell me in the comments – what is your favorite beach in the world?

The Best Bagels In Sydney

As an American, I love bagels. I grew up eating bagels like the Aussies grew up throwing down vegemite. After a year and a half of travel, I’ve had my moments where all I wanted was a solid, well-made, boiled-to-perfection, American-style bagel. This is a story of my quest for the best bagels in Sydney.

Best Bagels in Sydney

Luckily, this weekend I came across everything I’ve ever desired. I stumbled upon Brooklyn Hide, a new york bagel shop. Brooklyn Hide is located in Surry Hills, which is just south of the Sydney city center and a very cute suburb to spend the day in. best bagels in sydney

best bagels in sydney

I ordered up a soy cappuccino and the Greenwich bagel – the only vegan one on the menu. Mine came with pickled veggies and hummus. It was amazing, and I would definitely recommend it.

best bagels in sydney

My friend ordered a Tribeca bagel – it comes with with cream cheese and smoked salmon {#notvegan}.

best bagels in sydney

best bagels in sydney

The ambiance of this place is super cute {#chillvibes} and the bagels are top notch. The coffee is also really well made, and they do latte art. I would highly recommend a visit to Brooklyn Hide if you’re craving a good classic bagel! They are open for breakfast and lunch, and if you stop in for lunch, you could even grab a beer, wine, or cider with your bagel. Brunch, anyone? best bagels in sydney

The Breakdown
  • Coffees are $3.50 each, plus $.50 each for soy (but they use the best soymilk in Australia – Bonsoy – so totally worth it)
  • All sandwich-style bagels are the same price – $11.50
  • Brooklyn Hide does more than just bagels – try a wrap, salad, or muesli
  • Check out the Brooklyn Hide website for more information.
The Menu

This place has options! If you aren’t feeling a whole sandwich-style bagel, try a bagel with spread (I’m looking at you, avocado), or go for muesli, granola, or a fancy salad. The beverage menu is abundant, the coffee is amazing, and the bagels are truly top-notch.

best bagels sydney brooklyn hide menu

best bagels in sydney

Brooklyn Hide has amazing bagels. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to fulfill all of their carb filled dreams, or just looking for a little slice of some American goodness with an Aussie twist.

If you liked this post, check out my list of the best vegan restaurants in Melbourne!


The Best Things To Do In Melbourne, Australia

Your flights and hotel are booked, and now you’re wondering what you should do in Melbourne – worry not, little grasshopper! Amanda Round the Globe has you covered 😉

Best Things To Do Melbourne Australia

The Best Things to Do In Melbourne

After living in Melbourne for a few months (most of my time here being unemployed), I have experienced quite a bit of the city. Here are the absolute best things to do in Melbourne, Australia – whether you have a few days or a few weeks, try to fit in as much of this as you can. Melbourne is one of my favorite places in the world and you don’t want to miss any of these!

Twelve Apostles, Australia

1.The Great Ocean Road

Even if you only have a few days in Melbourne, make sure you spend at least one of those driving down the Great Ocean Road, all the way to the Twelve Apostles. It’s my favorite thing I’ve done in Melbourne so far. The scenic drive down will take about 4 hours along the coast, but you can take the inland highway and make it back in about 3 hours.

Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Day Trip from Melbourne

I’d recommend packing snacks, plenty of water, coffee, and a lunch to go. I ate in the car, got my groove on to the radio, and stopped along the coast only to take some photos. We also stopped for a quick coffee break at the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie, which has a full breakfast/lunch menu if you’re so inclined (and a lot of chocolate).

2. Eat all the Vegan Foods

I’ve been eating out extensively, all in the name of research, to curate this epic list of the best vegan restaurants in Melbourne. Check it out and let me know your favorite! Pro tip: about half of them are in Fitzroy, so head there first.

Burrito Bowl Urban Projuice Best Vegan Restaurants Melbourne

Red Sparrow Pizza Pizzeria Melbourne

Red Lentil Dal Sister of Soul Best Vegan Restaurants Melbourne

3. Tram it to St Kilda

St Kilda is an eccentric little suburb – it has a full on beach vibe, an adorable little pier (if you stay until sunrise you can see the penguins roll in), and loads of cute restaurants and shops. Pack a jacket, cause it gets windy, and check out my favorite restaurant in St Kilda.

St Kilda Beach, Melbourne, Australia

4. Cruise the City by Bike

Cruise through the city by bike for a more local perspective! Did you know that you can rent these adorable blue bikes at one of fifty stations throughout the city? Rides under 30 mins are free, and subscriptions start at just $3 per day.

Melbourne Things to Do Bike Share

5. Go to Hipster Paradise aka Fitzroy

Fitzroy may be home of the hipsters, but it’s also a heavenly place for any vegan or trendy millennial. The Fitz is full of vegan restaurants, vintage shops, record and book stores, and Australia’s largest Cruelty Free shop.

Best Things to Do In Melbourne, Australia

My go-to Fitzroy stops are Smith and Deli, Vegie Bar, the Cruelty Free Shop, and Yong Green Foods. Don’t forget to grab a doughnut from Doughnut Time to take home for later (or scarf it down on the tram).

6. Take Advantage of the Insane Amount of Op Shops

Op Shops (short for Opportunity Shops, basically a second hand store), are rampant in Australia. They are everywhere, and they are amazing. I have scored some major designer branded clothes for extremely cheap in some of these stores. If you’re in need of new clothes, check out the op shops around the city.

7. Photograph the City

Melbourne is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been to. The Yarra River, the parks spread through the city, the street graffiti; bring your camera and take it all in. Melbourne is truly one of the most instagrammable cities in the world. [This view is from the Eureka Skydeck, 88 stories up in the air]. Eureka Skydeck, Melbourne, Australia

8. The Touristy Spots

Of course, check out the spots that every tourist must see: go to Hosier Lane for street art, walk down DeGraves Street for a coffee and cupcake, and have a glass of wine on the edge of the Yarra River.

Street Art Melbourne

Yarra River, Melbourne, Australia

9. Brighton Beach Houses

Take a trip down the coast, a bit past St Kilda, to check out the beach huts lining Brighton Beach. There are about 100 of them!

Best Things to Do In Melbourne, Australia

10. Edgars Mission

Take a trip to visit some rescued animals at Edgars Mission!

Best Things to Do In Melbourne, Australia

Edgars Mission Melbourne

11. Lentil As Anything; Abbotsford Convent

Lentil as Anything is a fantastic vegetarian, pay-as-you-feel restaurant. The Abbotsford location is nestled into a convent, surrounded by a massive farm. Take a friend and spend the day surrounded by animals, nature, and amazing food.

Best Things to Do In Melbourne, Australia

12. Check out the View From the Shrine Of Remembrance

The Shrine of Remembrance is just outside of the city on St Kilda Road. Walk up to the top (for free!) for a stunning view of the city.

Best Things To Do Melbourne Australia

13. Shop in Melbourne’s Famous Royal Arcade

Take a stroll through the famous malls in Melbourne. The Royal Arcade is one of my favorites.

Best Things To Do Melbourne Australia

Melbourne is an amazing city and  there is so much to do. Let me know in the comments what your top places in Melbourne are!

Solo Travel Tips: 15 Things You Need To Know

Traveling alone was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After over a year and a half of solo travel, here are my best tips:

Solo Feamale Travel Tips: What You Need To Know

1. Don’t Be A Stress Mess 

I will be completely honest here – I had a MASSIVE breakdown in San Francisco airport, while I was standing in line to go through security, immediately after my parents dropped me off for the first flight on my never-ending solo journey around the world. I had to resort to taking deep breaths in my hands. If only I could tell my SFO-breakdown-self what I know now – take it one day at a time! After that initial round of questioning why you would ever sign up for this, you’ll realize how amazing and rewarding solo travel really is.

2. Carry the Right Gear

As a solo traveler, you won’t have any strong man candy to lug around those extra large suitcases, so try packing light. I carry only a 44L backpack, and a day bag. By packing carry on only, you’ll be able to easily carry around your own luggage, plus you’ll save on checked baggage fees – ka-ching!

Tortuga Around the World Backpack 44L

3. Stay Where You’re Comfortable

When I was traveling through Europe, I did Couchsurfing, and loved it. In Central and South America, I tried out hostels. I was not too keen on the large dorm rooms full of anywhere from 8 to 16 people, but I was a fan of private rooms. I can be a light sleeper, so though it was more expensive to get a private room, I was able to sleep. I’m now a huge fan of Airbnb, as they have some excellent budget options (and some crazy cool villas, if you’re looking to splurge). Sign up to Airbnb here to get free travel credit when you book your first place!

4. Don’t be Afraid to Splurge

When I first started traveling, I was a bit freaked out to see so much money going out of my bank account and not much coming in. This sometimes made me want to stay home all day and inhale mass amounts of baguettes and red wine. But remember – you may never come back to this place. Carpe diem, seize the day, mi amor! Take advantage of where you are and do all the things you’ve always wanted to do – it’s been scientifically proven that we feel best when spending our hard earned money on experiences, so why not book that coffee tour in Colombia or go to the elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai?!

Solo Female Travel Tips: What You Need To Know

5. You WILL Make Friends

I’ve met so many people while traveling the world. I’ve made far more friends in the past year than I have in any previous year of my life. If you are looking to make friends while traveling, check out my video on the subject. Also, consider couchsurfing (you’ll become automatic bff’s with your local host), and private or dorm rooms at hostels (check out reviews to make sure it’s a social hostel).

6. Learn to Take Your Own Travel Photos

The number one mistake I made when I started traveling was being shy about asking people to take my photo. I was even shy about taking selfies. I was happy to be immersed in the place I was visiting, but now I have no photos to look back on of myself in those places. Learn from my mistakes and take your own solo travel photos.

Take Your Own Solo Travel Pics

7. Research Before You Go

I felt fully prepared when I left for my trip, because I had done hundreds of hours of research on budget and solo travel. I scoured the internet for weeks to learn everything I could about travel hacking, solo travel on a budget, solo female travel, couchsurfing, and what you need to know as a solo female traveler. If you want to save some time, consider downloading a copy of my ebook, where I’ve compiled all the info into one easy resource.

8. Know And Prepare for What Makes You Unique

Everyone has their thing. For me, that thing is veganism. Though it’s been surprisingly easy to find vegan food around the world, I’ve made it even easier by using resources such as the Happy Cow app and searching for vegan friendly restaurants before I get to a destination. (See my favorite vegan restaurants in the most vegan friendly cities in the world).

Finding Vegan Food Around the World

9. Get Inspired

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is to read travel websites and blogs. Research the places that you are going, pick the restaurants you want to visit, and search on instagram to see some of the beautiful photos taken there of places you may want to visit.

10. Be Smart, Cautious, and Aware

I have quite a few tips on safety in my book, but the main point is to just be aware of your surroundings. Know which areas to avoid, don’t carry your phone in your back pocket, and if you’re in a busy place, keep an eye on your stuff.

11. Dress Like a Local

To avoid looking like a complete tourist, try dressing like the locals. This will help you blend in, and help prevent you from being a target of a mugging.

Tips for Solo Female Travel

12. Walk Everywhere

I always prefer walking over using public transport, because it’s usually a much more immersive experience. Don’t get me wrong, I still use public transport, but taking the long way has definitely resulted in finding more than a few hidden gems.

13. Try To Arrive During the Day

Believe me, this one will save you so much hassle. I’ve arrived at Kuala Lumpur airport at midnight, train system down for the night, with no way of getting to my airbnb. I ended up taking a very sketchy taxi. I would have felt much better arriving during the day when I would have had the chance to take the trains.

Tips For Solo Female Travel

14. Keep a Copy Of Your Passport and Important Documents

Maybe keep a few in a couple different places (suitcase, purse, money belt, etc). I also keep a photo of my passport on my phone and computer.

15. solo travel is Easier Than You Think

Most importantly, take that flight, explore, and have an amazing trip. Solo travel is insanely liberating and so powerful. Bring your positive attitude, embrace whatever comes, and explore to the best of your capabilities.

Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it.

Check out my ebook full of tips and tricks for solo female travel!

How To Travel The World On A Budget


Sydney Hikes: Bondi to Coogee Beach

One of the most famous of Sydney hikes, the Bondi to Coogee Beach Walk was high on my list of treks to take. After the hike to Bradley’s Head, I was excited to see the views of the more coastal Sydney hikes. The total distance of the Bondi Coogee walk is 6 km, or 3.5 miles. If you’re not interested in a 1.5 – 2 hour walk, some people take the shorter route and just do Bondi beach to Bronte beach.

Coogee Beach

I decided to take the long way in reverse, starting from Coogee Beach, so that I could experience the dramatic reveal of Bondi.

Sydney Hikes Bondi Coogee BeachSydney Hikes Bondi Coogee BeachSydney Hikes Bondi Coogee Beach

10 am. I quickly made my way to the first coffee shop I found ( #priorities ) and picked up a coffee. I stopped in this adorable little pavilion, and ordered up my favorite, a soy cappuccino.

Sydney Hikes Bondi Coogee BeachSydney Hikes Bondi Coogee BeachSydney Hikes Bondi Coogee Beach

When you head up the hill from Coogee, you’ll get epic, cliff-side views of the ocean.

Sydney Hikes Bondi Coogee Beach

Along the way, you’ll discover countless hidden beaches.

Sydney Hikes Bondi Coogee BeachSydney Hikes Bondi Coogee BeachSydney Hikes Bondi Coogee BeachSydney Hikes Bondi Coogee Beach

The path even leads through a cemetery overlooking the ocean.

Sydney Hikes Bondi Coogee Beach Sydney Hikes Bondi Coogee Beach

Bronte Beach

Soon after the cemetery, you’ll come to Bronte Beach.

Sydney Hikes Bondi Coogee BeachSydney Hikes Bondi Coogee Beach

It’s the perfect stopping point for a swim!

Sydney Hikes Bondi Coogee BeachSydney Hikes Bondi Coogee Beach

After a stop off at Bronte Beach, take the rest of the trail just over the hill to Bondi. This way, you’ll run into even more hidden beaches.

Sydney Hikes Bondi Coogee BeachSydney Hikes Bondi Coogee BeachSydney Hikes Bondi Coogee Beach

Bondi Beach

Soon you’ll run into Bondi Beach, and the reveal is truly epic.

Sydney Hikes Bondi Coogee BeachSydney Hikes Bondi Coogee BeachSydney Hikes Bondi Coogee Beach

Check out the Bondi Icebergs Club, then head down to the beach.

Sydney Hikes Bondi Coogee Beach

If you’re tired from the walk, head into Speedo’s Cafe (on the north side of the beach) for a vegan burger and green juice! It really hits the spot 😉

Sydney Hikes Bondi Coogee Beach

I highly recommend the Bondi Coogee Beach walk – it’s a must-do when you visit Sydney! See the Sydney Coastal walks website for all the details of this walk (toilet stops, water stations, etc). Also make sure to check out the Bradley’s Head walk – it has a great view of the Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Sydney Hikes Bondi Coogee Beach

Let me know in the comments:

  • Have you ever done this walk?
  • Would you try it out?




Bradley’s Head: Sydney Hiking

One of my favorite things about Sydney is the great hiking. One sunny Saturday, I took the trek along the harbor from Chowder Bay to Bradley’s Head. I started out at Clifton Gardens, the park inside of Chowder Bay.

Chowder Bay

Bradley's Head Hike SydneyBradley's Head Hike SydneyBradley's Head Hike Sydney

Here, I found the tiniest coffee shop I’ve ever seen. The coffee shop is inside an old military bunker, and the patio outside makes for great scenery to sip on a hot cup of coffee.

Bradley's Head Hike Sydney

After I was all fueled up on my {favorite aussie coffee} soy cappuccino, I headed up the trail toward Bradley’s Head.

The Trek

Bradley's Head Hike SydneyBradley's Head Hike SydneyBradley's Head Hike SydneyBradley's Head Hike Sydney

The path is meant to take about an hour; it’s 2.5 km long. It’s one of the most beautiful walking paths I’ve found in Sydney. Stroll through the dense vegetation with harbor views to your left – the views on this walk are breathtaking!

Bradley's Head Hike SydneyBradley's Head Hike Sydney

Bradley’s Head

At Bradley’s head, see a massive lighthouse, plus the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House!

Bradley's Head Hike SydneyBradley's Head Hike Sydney

Once you get to Bradley’s Head, sit and have a picnic on the grass (if you packed one); the park is very cute. Or walk a few more meters to the ferry terminal at Taronga Zoo and take the ferry to the city. The ferry is super fun and I highly recommend it; Sydney has very cute ferries and the scenery isn’t bad, either.

Bradley's Head Hike SydneyBradley's Head Hike Sydney

This is a great way to spend a sunny Sydney day – get your runners on, pack some water and snacks, and get outside! Just don’t forget your camera 🙂

Check out the hike I did the following weekend: the Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach coastal trek!



Day Trips From Melbourne: Edgars Mission

Looking for something to do in Melbourne? Edgars Mission is an incredible and uber popular animal sanctuary just under an hours drive from Melbourne. Rescued farm animals are taken to Edgars Mission to be rehabilitated and live happy, full lives. Edgars Mission is completely not-for-profit, and they run free tours of the farm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The only catch is that you have to book it! Check out their website to schedule a tour.

Edgars Mission, Melbourne, Australia

I had been dying to go to Edgars Mission since I arrived in Melbourne in September 2016. Today, my dreams came true, and I finally made it there!

Edgars Mission is a bit outside of the city, which means that transportation is often a bit of a thing. My friend Renae and I borrowed a car from a friend, and with a bit of money each for petrol, we headed out to the countryside.

Edgars Mission Farm Sanctuary Melbourne Australia

We pulled up to the gates and immediately were so excited. We took the 10 AM tour, and though it looked like it may rain, the storm clouds subsided and we ended up with a lovely partly sunny day!

Chickens Edgars Mission Melbourne Australia
                                                                   making friends

Edgars Mission Melbourne

We kicked off the tour with an introduction to the chicken pen. We learned a bit about chickens and then got to feed them!

Chickens Edgars Mission Melbourne Australia

Next, we moved on to the piglets. The pen next to the chickens housed three baby pigs and their momma pig – the three babies were so sweet, running around the pen to see everyone.

Piglets Edgars Mission Melbourne

Edgars Mission Australia

Piglets Edgars Mission Melbourne

It took me awhile to get my fair share of these adorable little babes – but eventually we moved on to the sheep.

Lamb Edgars Mission Melbourne

The sheep were so cute and so soft! I tried to hug them all.

Lamb Edgars Mission Melbourne

We walked past a massive cow next, named Hansel. We got to feed him over the fence; he would wrap his tongue around his little snack, leaving slobber everywhere.

Hansel Cow Edgars Mission Melbourne

Hansel Cow Edgars Mission Melbourne

Renae got an extra slobbery one.

We fed some goats next, and then headed to one of my favorites: ALPACAS. I love alpacas, especially after seeing them in Machu Picchu.

Alpaca Edgars Mission Farm Sanctuary Melbourne Australia

Alpaca Edgars Mission Farm Sanctuary Melbourne Australia

Alpaca Edgars Mission Farm Sanctuary Melbourne Australia

We had such a great time at Edgars Mission. Next time, I’d pack a {vegan} picnic and stick around for lunch after the tour. There are picnic tables at the farm entrance.

I highly recommend adding Edgars Mission to your trip to Melbourne – it was so refreshing to get out of the city, pet some animals, and get a little dirt on my sneakers.

If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?